5 new features players would like to see in Minecraft 1.20 update

A mockup teaser for the 1.20 update (Image via MinecraftHUB on YouTube)
A mockup teaser for the 1.20 update (Image via MinecraftHUB on YouTube)

The Minecraft 1.19 update isn't terribly old, but players have been looking forward to the 1.20 update for a while now. There are very few details out about it, so players have resorted to speculating and wishing. There's not even a release date, but that hasn't stopped the anticipation.

Next month, Minecraft will host a livestream that many expect to reveal the dates and details for the 1.20 update. They will host a Mob Vote, which will presumably be a part of the said update.

Until then, players continue to wonder what they might get. Here are some of the top features they're looking for.

Minecraft 1.20 update: What do the players want?

5) Badlands

The stunning Badlands biome (Image via Mojang)
The stunning Badlands biome (Image via Mojang)

The Badlands are currently one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft. They're the most beautiful, so finding one is a good experience, but aside from an increased spawn rate for gold ores and the natural generation of terracotta, there's nothing there.

There's so much potential for the Badlands, from a village to a saloon or something else entirely. Mojang can make this biome the absolute best, and players would love to see that. A biome update is a popular choice for the 1.20 version, and the Badlands deserve it.

4) More food

I think that Minecraft needs a Food Update. Minecraft dosen’t have much food so I thought of having more food.

Right now, there are plenty of food options, but there hasn't been a new food item (at least not a common one) added in a while. There are options, like having goats drop meat, or simply introducing new fish or allowing other things to be eaten. New food items would revitalize the game and would presumably not be too difficult to add in.

There will be at least one mob added to the game, but there's a chance Mojang adds several. One of them should drop a food item that players can cook and eat.

3) A new structure

New #Minecraft Build! Basalt BunkerA Nether Base, a bunker that is, in the Basalt Deltas. The outside is a secure structure. Inside has basic needs. There is also a hidden tunnelway to farms and even a panic room.

One of the biggest things Minecraft players want from every update is a new structure. They're arguably the best part of the game. The 1.19 update introduced the Ancient City structure, which is one of the best for loot. However, it's very rare and incredibly dangerous.

A new and more accessible structure would please the player base. This could even be as simple as adding a village to a biome that doesn't have one, like the Badlands, Mushroom Fields or Mangrove Swamp.

2) Bundles


Bundles are the only option on this list that is more than likely coming. They've been announced for a while, but keep getting delayed. The 1.20 update remains a very likely arrival for this item. Players have wanted it ever since it was first shown, and that desire has not faded.

Bundles are effectively a Shulker Box that is a lot easier to get. They're designed to increase inventory space by storing items inside them. It would be one of the most helpful additions to the game in a while.

1) More dogs


Wolves are one of the best aspects of Minecraft. Taming one and then having a permanent companion is so much fun that most players don't have a world without multiple dogs as their pets. They're the one pet players think of first in the game. However, they are pretty bland.

At least with cats, there are different types available. There are orange, white, black, gray, and all sorts of colors of cats, but dogs are just gray. Adding more species, or having them turn into one new species after being tamed, is something all crafters would love to see in the Minecraft 1.20 update.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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