Top 5 reasons why ancient city is the scariest structure in Minecraft

Warden in ancient city (Image via Mojang)
Warden in ancient city (Image via Mojang)

Since its revelation at Minecraft Live 2021, many players have been waiting to explore the terrifying ancient city. The wait is finally over as Mojang has released an experimental snapshot featuring deep dark caves and all of its features.

Any player who has already explored the ancient city would agree with just how terrifying the new structure is. The peaceful sandbox block game will change forever after adding deep dark caves.

In the deepest and darkest areas of the Overworld, players will find a creepy structure called ancient city. Here is why everybody is scared of the new structure.

Note: The article reflects the writer's own views.

Ancient city is the most terrifying structure in Minecraft

5) Unearthly portal

Every ancient city features an uncanny portal-like structure made of reinforced deepslate. A new kind of block is coming in The Wild Update. Like the end portal frames, they cannot be moved or destroyed in survival mode. As of now, players can move it, but that's a bug.

Many players suspect that Mojang will bring a new dimension in the future only accessible using the portal in ancient cities.

4) Creepy lore

Minecraft has no definitive official lore. But players always like to connect strings and form up theories. The ancient city brings various eerie questions such as its origin, portals, sculk blocks, and the warden.

In ancient cities, players will observe tall pillars with Redstone lamps. This meant that the civilizations that created the ancient cities were smart enough to use Redstone technology. It is up to the players to discover the mysteries of ancient cities.

3) Skeleton skull


There aren't many ways to obtain mob heads in Minecraft. Ancient cities are the first place where players can find a naturally generated mob head. A skeleton skull can be found in all ancient cities. But why is there a skeleton skull in the ancient city, and whose is it?

2) Ambience

Ancient cities have this uncanny ambience found nowhere in the world of Minecraft. The dark textures of deepslate, eerie blue lighting from soul fire, alienated sculk blocks, and many more terrifying features make the ancient city the scariest place in Minecraft.

1) Warden and sculk blocks

Sculk blocks (Image via Mojang)
Sculk blocks (Image via Mojang)

Warden is hands down the most terrifying mob in the game. Unlike other mobs, players won't find warden naturally lurking in the caves. If the block is activated three times, the beast is summoned by a sculk shrieker.

Players have to walk carefully while exploring ancient cities as any sound may activate a sculk sensor that will activate a sculk shrieker. If the warden digs out of the ground, the chances of surviving are pretty slim.