5 simple build ideas to grow your Minecraft town

(Image via Reddit user Jarheadpm)
(Image via Reddit user Jarheadpm)
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Building a custom town is a fun way for Minecraft players to keep the game exciting and engaging.

Minecraft has been an outlet for many creative people over the years. Every day, there are impressive builds being created by Minecraft players everywhere. Minecraft is a sandbox game, so the possibilities when it comes to builds are endless. It is very common for Minecraft players and even SMPs to build huge cities in their Minecraft worlds.

Building in Minecraft is incredibly fun but can also be time-consuming. Just like Rome, Minecraft cities are not built in a day, and most start with just a simple house. This article provides Minecraft players with some ideas to expand their developing city to create a more town-like feel.

Simple build ideas to make your own Minecraft town

1) Barn

(Image via Reddit user Wibiz9000)

A barn is a great idea for players developing any sort of crop or mob farm. Barns provide space for items to be collected in one general vicinity.

The picture above utilizes quartz, terracotta, and various stone blocks, however many Minecraft players tend to go for a simple wooden barn, which is an easier build.

Adding a barn to a Minecraft town can create a rural, rustic feel. For those with a more industrial or city-like town, building a barn may still be worthwhile. The barn can be beyond the main territory, which will help the town grow in surface area.

#2) Restaurant

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Adding a restaurant or even multiple is a quick way to expand a Minecraft town. Restaurants can be inspired by establishments in real life, or Minecraft players can design their own. Just like in the real world, restaurants can be big, small or have a variety of different themes. There are endless design possibilities with restaurant builds.

Some common Minecraft restaurant designs include the use of slabs as tables or counter tops. Another common table design is a pressure plate placed on top of a single fence.

3) Cemetery

Image via Minecraft

Cemeteries can help give any Minecraft town a real world feel. They are also effective methods of expanding a town as they can take up plenty of surface area. While this build is more for decoration, it can be fun to create nonetheless.

Minecraft features so many blocks that can be used for making a cemetery. Gravestones can be made out of any stone a player prefers. Cemeteries are opportunities for Minecraft players to get creative with their design skills, as there is no universally established cemetery layout.

4) Museum

Image via Minecraft

Though it might not appear as simple as the rest, a Minecraft museum at its core only requires items to display and a building to store them in. A museum does not have to be a huge, grand building. Many museums in real life are relatively tiny, too. Minecraft players can make their town’s museum as large or as small as they’d like.

A Minecraft museum can feature paintings, item frames, mob heads, or any other item and/or block that a player feels could be on display. Paintings and item frames are incredibly easy to craft, requiring only sticks, wool for paintings and leather for item frames. In the 1.17 Minecraft update, the new glow squid mob drops glow ink sacs which can be used to create glowing item frames, providing players with an opportunity to create a stunning mesum display.

5) Roller Coaster

Image via Minecraft

Building a roller coaster might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a complicated build. All players really need for this build is redstone and rails. Rails can be crafted or obtained in abandoned mineshafts.

This is another build that can have a range of design styles. The shape and course of a roller coaster is entirely up to the player. It can be twisty, loopy, tall. Once again, the possibilities are endless.

A single roller coaster could be the start of a much larger project too. Eventually, players can create an entire amusement park in their Minecraft world, which would expand their town greatly.

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