5 things you did not know about bamboo in Minecraft

An example of a bamboo forest (Image via Minecraft)
An example of a bamboo forest (Image via Minecraft)
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Bamboo is a relatively rare plant in Minecraft. They spawn in single stalks in the jungle, which already makes them quite rare, as jungle biomes are not abundant in the game. Sometimes, however, the game will showcase bamboo jungles, which are massive expanses of nothing but bamboo shoots stretching up into the sky.

Since bamboos are infrequent in the title, there are a lot of small mechanics and quirks of the plant that many players are not aware of.

5 things players might not know about Minecraft bamboo

5) Bamboo shoots

Bamboo shoots (Image via Minecraft)
Bamboo shoots (Image via Minecraft)

Players cannot acquire Bamboo shoots, the sapling form of the plant, by any means in the Java edition of the game, even console commands or creative mode. The shoots can only be found in regions where bamboo generates.

The Bedrock edition of the game does not allow players to get the shoot in vanilla, but allows the player to add the shoot to their inventory using mods or inventory editing.

4) Fuel

Smelting iron with scaffolding (Image via Minecraft)
Smelting iron with scaffolding (Image via Minecraft)

Bamboo can be used as fuel in the furnace. Each bamboo smelts 0.25 items. Crafting two bamboo into one stick would smelt 0.5 items.

However, a player can use six bamboo and a single string to craft six scaffolding, which burns for longer than the bamboo alone. These bamboo would smelt 1.5 items, where the scaffolding block burns long enough to smelt two items in the Java edition, or six items in the Bedrock edition.

3) Growth appearance

Examples of different bamboo growth stages (Image via Minecraft)
Examples of different bamboo growth stages (Image via Minecraft)

The visually unique bamboo shoot is around a block tall. It does not count as a solid block, meaning the player can walk through it.

The second growth stage of bamboo sees the plant grow another block tall, with leaves coming out of the top block. The hit box of the plant changes to a square that is two pixels by two pixels.

The third growth stage of bamboo grows to three blocks tall, and the top two blocks have leaves.

At the next growth stage, the plant is four blocks tall, with leaves in the top three. The hit box increases to a box that is three pixels by three pixels.

At the last stage of growth, the bamboo is five blocks tall. This stage sees the top three blocks have leaves sprouting from the plant, but do not have a hit box change.

This behavior makes bamboo one of only four plants in the entire game that changes its hit box as it grows. Other vegetation includes:

  • Bamboo
  • Grass
  • Sweet berry bushes
  • Ferns

2) Breeding pandas

Pandas breeding (Image via Minecraft)
Pandas breeding (Image via Minecraft)

Bamboo is needed in order to breed pandas. This item, when used on pandas, causes them to enter love mode.

However, unlike every other mob, this is not the only requirement for breeding pandas. Players also need to make sure that there are at least eight blocks of bamboo within five blocks of each panda.

Without this requirement being met, players cannot breed pandas.

1) Fastest growing plant

Bamboo next to sugar cane (Image via Minecraft)
Bamboo next to sugar cane (Image via Minecraft)

Mimicking how quickly bamboo grows in real life, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in all of Minecraft.

At the default random tick speed of three, bamboo grows every 4096 game ticks. this equates to growing about every 204 seconds. Combining this with bamboo’s ability to grow 15 to 16 blocks tall makes it easy to farm.

For reference, the second fastest growing crop is sugar cane, which can take 18 minutes to grow.

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