5 things you didn't know about jungles in Minecraft

Minecraft players can explore the jungle biome and find many different materials and special mobs (Image via Pixlriffs/YouTube)
Minecraft players can explore the jungle biome and find many different materials and special mobs (Image via Pixlriffs/YouTube)
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Minecraft players will experience many biomes during their time in-game. Different biomes give players unique experiences with how they look, the resources players can extract, and even the available mobs. The jungle biome is diverse, and players will want to explore to make the most out of their time there.

Here are five things players didn't know about jungle biomes.

Key things to know about jungles in Minecraft


The jungle biome is undoubtedly an interesting place with many different mobs and plants for players to find. In addition to having special jungle trees, this is a sought-after biome that players will want to track down during their time in-game. Players may be looking for a bit because this biome is pretty rare to come across. So those who spawn into a jungle biome can consider themselves lucky.

1) Jungle Temples


Players can find these special temples hidden within the jungle biome. Those players who are brave enough to step inside can come across some fantastic loot. Located inside chests in the temple, players will need to overcome various traps if they wish to make it to their treasure. These traps can kill a player if they are careless when entering the temple.

2) Big trees in the jungle biome


When Minecraft players encounter trees in the jungle biome, they may find that they are much taller than the trees in other biomes. In fact, these trees will have vines on them that players can climb to gather the materials they need from them. In addition, the jungle wood looks great with its dark color, and players can use them just as easily to make planks and other wooden tools.

3) There are special jungle mobs for players to discover in Minecraft


Minecraft players can find some really cool mobs to discover inside the jungle. These are special parrot mobs that players can tame, and they can even dance to music. In addition, players can find the ocelot, the adorable jungle version of the cat. Also, in jungles containing bamboo, players can find the panda, an extremely cute mob.

4) Players can discover cocoa beans in the jungle biome


Cocoa pods are a special crop that players can locate inside the jungle biome. These pods can grow on jungle trees and be harvested by players using any tool, though axes are the fastest. Players can then collect the unique cocoa beans in the pods and use them to make special recipes such as cookies and even use them for brown dye. The beans can be substituted for dye in Bedrock Edition.

5) Jungles have many different variants for players to explore


Jungles in Minecraft have many different variants that players can uncover as they make their way through the biomes in other worlds. In fact, there are seven types of jungle biomes for players to discover. These biomes are:

  • Jungle - The standard version of the Minecraft jungle with all of the regular mobs, plants, and trees.
  • Jungle Hills - A version of the jungle that includes steep terrain for players to traverse. This can be difficult for those who are just starting out in their worlds.
  • Modified Jungle - An even steeper version of jungle hills, where jungle temples cannot spawn. This is an even harder spawn for players to survive in.
  • Jungle Edge - This biome is where the jungle transitions into other biomes. The mobs do not spawn at a normal rate here but are still available, and players cannot find a jungle temple.
  • Modified Jungle Edge - This is considered to be the rarest biome in the game. It occurs when a Modified Jungle borders on a Swamp Hills biome. This biome does generate jungle mobs but does not generate jungle temples.
  • Bamboo Jungle - Bamboo Jungles are a special variant of the jungle that has more bamboo than trees. Pandas have an increased spawn rate in these biomes as well.
  • Bamboo Jungle Hills - This biome is the Bamboo Jungle, but it has more hills, just like the Jungle Hills biome.

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