5 things Minecraft players must know about candles

Every candle in-game (Image via Minecraft)
Every candle in-game (Image via Minecraft)

A few months ago, Mojang released the much-awaited Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update. The 1.17 update failed to bring any significant world-generation features like caves and mountain biomes. However, the Caves and Cliffs update added many new items, blocks and mobs.

Until the second part of Caves and Cliffs arrives, Minecrafters can play around with over 80 newly added blocks and items like copper, deepslate, moss, candles and more. Candles were one of the most anticipated additions in the 1.17 update.

Players can craft candles using strings and honeycombs. Here are some interesting facts about Minecraft's newest light source, candles.

Using candles in Minecraft: Celebrating special occasions, changing their color and more

5) They can be dyed a different color.

Color variety of candles in-game (Image via Minecraft)
Color variety of candles in-game (Image via Minecraft)

Candles initially have a faint yellowish color, which might not be pleasing for everybody. With the help of dyes, players can change the color of candles. In this way, players can achieve a total of 17 different colors for candles in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, players cannot place four candles of different colors together. All candles need to be of the same color to form a group.

4) They can be lit with the help of Fire Aspect.


After placing candles, they need to be lit up to produce light. Typically, players use flint & steel or flaming projectiles like fire charges to ignite candles. However, in Bedrock Edition, players can use their swords to light candles.

Bedrock players can use the Fire Aspect enchantment to light candles. Similarly, Fire Aspect can also ignite campfires and activate TNT blocks.

3) They can be extinguished with splash water bottles.

Extinguishing candles (Image via Minecraft)
Extinguishing candles (Image via Minecraft)

Candles share a few similarities with campfires. Like campfires, players can use splash water bottles to extinguish candles in Minecraft. Splash water bottles are made by adding gun powder to water bottles in a brewing stand. Water blocks can also extinguish candles.

2) They can be added to cakes for celebrations.

A candle on a cake (Image via Minecraft)
A candle on a cake (Image via Minecraft)

Since there are cakes in Minecraft, developers definitely had to add a feature to place candles on cakes. Players can place one candle at the center of the cake. This allows them to celebrate birthdays in-game. After all slices of a cake are eaten, the candle drops itself as an item.

1) Their light levels do not compare to torches.

Four candles (Image via Minecraft)
Four candles (Image via Minecraft)

Candles are pretty weak when compared to most other light sources in Minecraft. One candle emits a light level of 3. Players can place up to four candles together to get a light level of 12. However, cheap torches can still outperform candles.

Candles are meant for decoration, not for practical use as a light source. Players will need many candles to light up their homes in Minecraft.

Disclaimer: This list is subjective and solely reflects the views of the writer.

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