5 things players didn't know about automatic farms in Minecraft

Automatic Minecraft farm (Image via planetminecraft)
Automatic Minecraft farm (Image via planetminecraft)
Holly Ellison
Modified 01 May 2021
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Automatic farms are Minecraft machines that give players items like crops, XP, and loot without the player needing to constantly interact with the machine. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of different types of automatic farms for players to create in Minecraft.

Players have been creating complex farms since the beginning of Minecraft. Each update gives the player new opportunities and reasons to create more and more automatic farms.

Some farms involve the use of Redstone, hoppers, villagers, and a wide variety of Minecraft blocks. Many new players may not be educated about the wonders of automatic farms. Here are a few facts every player should know about automatic Minecraft farms.

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5 facts Minecraft players may not know about automatic farms

#1 - Using Villagers

One of the best ways to create automatic farms is by making use of villager Minecraft mechanics. Villagers will actually do a lot of the work for the player.

One great example is a villager crop farm. The villagers will take care of, collect, and tend to crops without the player having to interact with either the farm or the villager.

There are also many trading farms for players to start with villagers to collect emeralds and other rare items.

#2 - Almost any Minecraft block can be farmed

Automatic Minecraft farms come in almost any shape or size and can be made for almost any block or item in Minecraft. There are farms for emeralds, crops, XP, wool, raids, and so much more.

Minecraft players are extremely creative in their designs, and many intelligent players have been able to automate many in-game items by using Minecraft's game mechanics and a little bit of creative thinking.

#3 - AFK abbreviation

Many Minecraft players will come across the term AFK in their search for an automatic Minecraft farm. The term AFK stands for "Away from keyboard." This term is used to describe automatic Minecraft farms and other Minecraft machines that don't require players to be present at the keyboard.

#4 - Youtube Tutorials

There are hundreds of new automatic Minecraft farms created each day. Many Minecraft players will make tutorials on YouTube for players to follow. There are a large variety of videos out there for players to choose from, and almost every farm type has its own specific video.

#5 - Redstone Misconception

Complicated Redstone Minecraft farm (Image via sandbox worlds)
Complicated Redstone Minecraft farm (Image via sandbox worlds)

Many Minecraft players, especially those who are new to the game, have a misconception that automatic farms require Redstone. While many automatic Minecraft farms have Redstone components, these aren't that difficult to learn and create.

Redstone is a scary block for many newcomers to Minecraft. Not many players understand the ins and outs of Redstone and how to make the red item work for them. But many times, players don't even need to use intricate Redstone designs to create their automatic farm.

There are many different farm variants and many that involve little to no Redstone. Even those automatic Minecraft farms that require Redstone usually have great YouTube videos that players can follow to create a fully functioning Redstone farm.

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Published 01 May 2021
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