7 best Minecraft biomes for building in 2022

The Badlands biome (Image via Minecraft)
The badlands biome in Minecraft (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft offers a vast world filled with different features that players can explore or make use of during their time in the infinite sandbox experience created by Mojang. Like a country divided into various states, the three dimensions in the game, Overworld, Nether, and End, are made up of different biomes.

With unique features like mobs, terrain, resources, items, and structures, some biomes are great for hunting, while others can be more suitable for building houses and various contraptions. This article will discuss biomes that are ideal for building.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Best Minecraft biomes for every player’s building needs

7) Jungle


The jungle biome might be among the most crowded in the game. However, it has some of the tallest trees. Unfortunately, players may not find an appropriate amount of space to build things on the ground in this biome. But they can definitely use the treetops to do that.

An obvious choice for a build in this biome would be a treehouse. The number of trees here would help the player build a gigantic one, which can be achieved using the large amount of wood on offer.

6) Old growth spruce taiga


The spruce taiga biome plays host to some of the most beautiful terrains in the game. Moreover, players using shaders and resource packs can use these tools to enhance their beauty.

Spruce trees grow abnormally large and tall, which can be assets to builders who want to try building in this biome. In addition to this, podzol is an uncommon block that players can find here. It is quite interesting, regardless of whether they want to use it as a dirt equivalent or building block.

5) Desert


The desert biome is one of the most recognizable and favorable ones for building in Minecraft. Its plain terrain can be great for players looking to build. Building here will be beneficial to gamers who want a lot of space and are planning to use glass or sand in their designs. Additionally, this biome offers some hidden treasure.

Deserts generate some of the best structures in the game, which include temples, villages, and even lava pools.

4) Badlands or mesa


This Minecraft biome is similar compared to the desert one, but it is more beautiful and dangerous. Badlands contains gigantic hills made of red sand and terracotta. These hills can be quite appealing to players who want to build in a desert-like environment with valleys all around them. This biome also contains mineshafts on the surfacer, which comprise valuable chests and mobs.

3) Meadow


The meadow biome in Minecraft is quite an obvious choice for this list. It serves as a replacement for the flower forest biome, as it is essentially the same but with more space, fewer trees, and a ton of flowers.

Meadow was part of the new mountain biomes added to the game in Minecraft 1.18. The hilly terrain, as well as the abundance of flowers, will give builders quite a view, and the biome's height will allow them to scan for any threats lurking around.

2) Plains


The addition of the plains biome to this list is based on pure sentiment. This Minecraft biome is often the one where players spawn when they start off in a new world. It contains lust green hills, some flowers, lots of mobs, fields, lava pools, villages, caves, ravines, water sources, rivers, and trees.

Plains can be referred to as the default biome in Minecraft. Builders have a ton of space here as well as access to nearly every resource close by.

1) Mushroom


The mushroom biome in Minecraft can often be found as an island. It is by far the best one for building. This is because of one simple fact: it can spawn no hostile mobs. In fact, it can produce no entities aside from its resident cow-like mobs, known as mooshrooms. Therefore, there will be no one to hinder the player’s progress in this biome.