7 best Minecraft survival house build designs

Survival house builds need to include a lot of different features to make it efficient for your survival world (Image via Youtube/KoalaBuilds)
Survival house builds need to include a lot of different features to make it efficient for your survival world (Image via Youtube/KoalaBuilds)

Constructing a house is a crucial aspect of survival in Minecraft. It offers a place to rest, refuel, and store. Having some ideas for house designs is usually helpful, regardless of your level of experience. However, it can be hard to devise original designs, so players should take inspiration from other's creations.

Here are seven great ideas for Minecraft survival houses that will improve the look and feel of your world.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Large Oak House, Easy Wooden House, and more Minecraft survival homes for your survival world

1) Ultimate Survival House


For die-hard Minecraft players, the Ultimate Survival House design delivers the highest level of luxury and practicality. This layout has a number of elements, including farms, storage systems, enchanted chambers, and more.

The ideal place to build this would be a survival server, as you could get help from others. This tutorial was made by YouTuber Blockical.

2) Modern Wooden Survival House


For individuals who value sleek and fashionable architecture, the Modern Wooden Survival House design combines modern aesthetics with the coziness of wooden parts. Large glass windows, open layouts, and simple lines all work together to create a modern, warm house.

Comfort and usefulness in the woods are guaranteed by this house, thanks to its thorough material selection and efficient layout. Constructed by YouTuber Heyimrobby, this build would look fantastic on a towny server.

3) Survival Base


The Survival Base design is great for anybody looking to build a fortified and secure home. The main goal is to construct a strong, useful base that can fend off the evil powers (zombies, skeletons, creepers) found in the Minecraft universe.

The Survival Base guarantees your ability to endure and prosper in even the most hazardous settings with its different capabilities, such as an outdoor farm and tons of storage. This build was made by YouTuber IrieGenie.

4) Large Oak House


The Large Oak House design is ideal for anyone seeking a roomy and imposing survival home. This design creates a magnificent structure by utilizing the strength and beauty of oak wood. It has plenty of space for living and storage thanks to its numerous levels, large windows, and intricate interior design.

The house becomes even more charming when surrounded by a garden and landscaping. This is a beautiful and unique build made by YouTuber JUNS MAB Architecture Tutorial.

5) Easy Wooden House


For novices or gamers seeking a straightforward but practical design, the Easy Wooden House is a great option. This design aims to produce a functional and comfortable shelter with simple materials and building methods. Thanks to this, the Easy Wooden House is great for survival games.

The build has a unique design with stairs up to the top of an elevated housing. This is another survival home made by YouTuber JUNS MAB Architecture Tutorial.

6) Starter Survival House


The Starter Survival House design offers a simple yet comfortable shelter to keep you safe from the perils of the Minecraft world. With spaces designated for sleeping, storing, and crafting, the design emphasizes utility and simplicity.

This basic home may easily be expanded upon as you advance and amass more resources. The design was created by extremely popular Minecraft YouTuber Zaypixel. Despite being a starter house, it has everything you need.

7) Small Survival House


The Small Survival House design is ideal for a compact living arrangement in a small location. This layout optimizes functionality without sacrificing comfort. Despite its compact size, it has all the rooms and amenities required for survival.

The house even includes a small farm area, which is great for a survival setting. This Minecraft build was constructed by YouTuber Sovixel.

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