5 best Minecraft Towny servers in 2023

Minecraft Towny servers are tons of incredible fun (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft Towny servers are tons of incredible fun (Image via Sportskeeda)

If you're looking for a Minecraft survival server that adds more to the game than just the ability to play with others, consider Towny. Towns are one of the most important parts of any Minecraft community, and they can bring a lot of life to your world. They also add a layer of complexity that can be great fun if you've got the right people.

Towny servers can be like real life, a fully functional economy where you can get jobs, make friends, and much more. The following are five great Towny servers that might be worth exploring.

Minecraft Towny servers are fantastic in group play

5) PurpleOre

IP address: purpleore.net

PurpleOre is a fantastic towny server (Image via Mojang)
PurpleOre is a fantastic towny server (Image via Mojang)

PurpleOre is a Minecraft Towny server with a strong community and many plugins to keep players entertained. The server has been around for a while, meaning it has an established player base. But it's not old enough to lack the latest features or plugins.

The staff team is very active and is always looking for new members. They're also very friendly and helpful, so don't hesitate to ask them questions if you get stuck somewhere in-game or on their Discord server (linked to their website).

In PurpleOre, players can make huge towns and play alongside others to make incredible builds. The server offers plugins that allow players to set up shops and sell items to one another, and you can be the next Jeff Bezos in Minecraft.

PurpleOre additionally offers the ability to PvP against other players, but that's not normally enabled. Only when two players agree to PvP, they start fighting. Players have come together to recreate skywars or bedwars on PurpleOre.

Average player count: 500-2000

4) MinePhasma

IP address: minephasma.org

MinePhasma is an incredible server (Image via Mojang)
MinePhasma is an incredible server (Image via Mojang)

MinePhasma is a great towny server with a lot of plugins and features. It's a great place to make friends, play minigames, or hang out and talk. The staff is accommodating, the website looks good, and the forums are easy to use. There are also many players on this server, so you can always find someone to play with.

This Minecraft server doesn't just offer Towny. It also offers Survival, Duels, Bedwars, and others coming soon. The variety of game modes on MinePhasma makes it appealing to all.

MinePhasma is a great towny server with plugins, including player shops and an auction house. These two things allow for an economy to begin and allow for great fun.

Players can play tons of minigames within the towny server, such as looking for envoys, getting a job, or even PvP. You can store your items in a bank so you don't lose any money or items well PvPing. MinePhasma is genuinely an amazing server.

Average player count: 50-200

3) StickyMC

IP address: play.stickymc.com

StickyMC is a well-made server (Image via Mojang)
StickyMC is a well-made server (Image via Mojang)

StickyMC is a Minecraft towny server ahead of the game. Players can download a custom texture pack upon joining the server and get right into playing. The staff team did an incredible job creating this server. It's one of the best-looking servers around. Additionally, the staff team is highly responsive, along with the fantastic community.

StickyMC is a great Towny server with a lot of features. It has an economy system, auction system, job system, quest system, and relic system. The community is friendly, so you can make friends easily.

The relics are unique items you can collect and trade with other players. They offer various things, such as an exp boost, an item that gives you a random mob spawner, and so on. This offers an element of surprise which tons of players love.

The job system on this server is fabulous. Players can apply to be a miner, lumberjack, farmer, chef, fisherman, and many more. These jobs give players a variety of perks, such as special commands or items. StickyMC is a great towny server.

Average player count: 100-300

2) CraftYourTown

IP address: mc.craftyourtown.com

CraftYourTown is a popular towny server (Image via Mojang)
CraftYourTown is a popular towny server (Image via Mojang)

CraftYourTown is a Minecraft towny server, which means it's a place where players can create and manage their towns. It was created years back by a group that wanted to ensure everyone had access to quality servers like this one.

There are many benefits to CraftYourTown - no whitelisted items or commands, the staff members are friendly and helpful, and the rules aren't strict, so you won't get banned for having fun.

You'll be able to form alliances with other players and build up your town into something significant over time; start small if that's what feels suitable for you at this moment in time.

CraftYourTown is a server that allows you to build your town. You can build your town or join someone else to help them. You can use many buildings to ensure everyone feels comfortable in their homes--houses, apartments, hotels, and schools. The possibilities are endless.

Average player count: 200-500

1) EarthMC

IP address: earthmc.net

EarthMC is a unique towny server (Image via Mojang)
EarthMC is a unique towny server (Image via Mojang)

EarthMC is a Minecraft towny server focusing on player-run towns and cities. Players can participate in weekly PvP and PvE competitions, build their own houses, or join one of the many existing towns on the map. The community is active, with many players participating in birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

If you're looking for an experience where you can create your city with friends or meet new people while building something bigger than yourself, EarthMC might be right for you.

NASA satellite height and topography data created EarthMC's custom server map. You will be able to visit your own home and know the landscape thanks to the high level of detail. This is a crazy unique server, something that will probably only exist on EarthMC.

Average player count: 100-200

Minecraft Towny server tips and tricks

Tip 1

Remember that griefing can be permitted depending on the Towny server you choose to play on. There's no need to worry, though, as all of the servers on the list above will let you use in-game instructions to defend your builds against griefers.

Tip 2

The economy on Minecraft Towny servers is powered by in-game money. Methods for earning this currency may vary depending on the server you're playing on, but they typically involve trading, mining, or dispatching monsters. Ask veteran players or the server staff about the best ways to make money on the server if you're a new user.

Tip 3

Join forces with other players. Other players can allow for better builds and better security. Sometimes Minecraft PvP will be involved on the server, so it's always great to bring along or make new friends.

Tip 4

Attempt to get a job; most servers offer different plugins that allow you to get a job. Jobs are often a great way to get involved in the community and make some cash.

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