Add-ons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: Everything players need to know

The official home page for Minecraft Bedrock Edition add-ons (Image via Mojang)
The official home page for Minecraft Bedrock Edition add-ons (Image via Mojang)
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Minecraft add-ons allow for complex customization in the Bedrock Edition. Like the downloadable mods for the Java Edition, add-ons are a Mojang-supported operation that provides trivial customization for most aspects of the game.

Minecraft Bedrock players are provided infinite possibilities with their exclusive add-ons and behavior packs.

These add-ons usually consist of behavior packs and resource packs, allowing for different Minecraft customizations. This article will explain both of these packs and their uses below. Bedrock Edition players are highly recommended to check out add-ons if they have not already.

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All details about add-ons for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Add-on specifications

An example of an add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)
An example of an add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)

As stated above, Minecraft Bedrock Edition add-ons mainly consist of resource packs and behavior packs.

Firstly, there are two types of resource packs: those that alter content already found within the game and those adding completely new content into the game (such as the robot-alien seen in the image above).

For instance, one add-on can simply change the textures of a creeper, and another can add a brand new creeper with arms and a hat.

Add-ons can be downloaded from the Minecraft Marketplace and can come in the form of mini-games, adventure maps, creatures, new bosses, new items, and structures. Add-ons contained in a downloaded map from the Minecraft Marketplace will automatically be downloaded upon downloading the map.

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Players should be aware that all add-ons found on the Minecraft Marketplace are created by Minecraft-partner developers. This means that certain talented developers will not be able to see their add-ons found on the marketplace.

Luckily, there are multiple add-on websites (such as Tynker) that allow community-created add-ons to be posted. This is excellent news for smaller developers who want their creations to be seen in many Minecraft worlds.

Many Minecraft Marketplace maps will include multiple add-ons, as each one simply adds new content such as objects and mobs.

For Bedrock Edition players looking to try out some add-ons, the video above showcases the top 10 Minecraft add-ons of 2020.

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