Everything players need to know about the Minecraft Plus! announcement

The Minecraft Plus home page (Image via
The Minecraft Plus home page (Image via

If the reader was not April Fools pranked this year, take Minecraft Plus as a late prank. Announced on April 1st, 2021, Minecraft Plus is a collection of screensavers that was made to seem like a sequel to the Minecraft everyone knows and loves.

Players who were not aware of the date when they learned of this announcement were most likely very excited for a short period of time.

While Minecraft Plus is not a sequel, the screensavers that are provided on the home page seen above are quite nifty. Players can download the screensavers from the official Minecraft website at this link.

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Minecraft Plus: Everything players need to know about the April Fools prank

The Minecraft Plus! Announcement

One of the screensavers that can be found in Minecraft Plus! (Image via Mojang)
One of the screensavers that can be found in Minecraft Plus! (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Plus was announced on April Fools day of 2021, which for those who live under a rock is April 1st.

Upon seeing the announcement, players were probably quite excited to see what Minecraft Plus had to offer. To their dismay, they quickly learned that they were tricked by the terrible graphics and download links.

The Minecraft Plus home page features an image of a shoutout to Windows XP, which came in a box similar to the one seen, as well as two clickable links.

The first link allows players to download an executable screen saver, which provides a random screensaver every time it is launched. These screen savers are pretty cool, and can run whenever they step away from their computer.

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The video above showcases all of the Minecraft Plus screensavers. These screensavers sport very high resolutions and provide some great looking animations.

Every time the player touches a button or moves the mouse, the screensaver closes. They can then run it executable again to activate a new (hopefully) screensaver.

Mojang is known for pulling a fun and creative April Fools prank every year, so players should be prepared for next year unless they want to be let down again.

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