Best Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Snapshot Released So Far

image via xisumavoid
image via xisumavoid

The first Minecraft 1.17 snapshot, Snapshot 20w45a, was probably the biggest snapshot released so far for this upcoming update.

This snapshot gave players a first look into some of the most influential new blocks, generated structures, and items being added to the game. This snapshot completely deserves the hype it received.

With so many new things being added to the game, this snapshot gave Minecraft players a sneak peek at what was to come regarding massive, game-changing aspects and the smaller, more crowd-related aspects.

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Best bits of Minecraft Snapshot 20w45a

image via Minecraft Wiki, Gamepedia
image via Minecraft Wiki, Gamepedia

This snapshot brought so many new aspects into Minecraft that were highly anticipated once discovered through the 2020 Minecraft Live convention.

From a new biome—the amethyst geode—to new blocks, items, and more; this update thoroughly changed the expectations of gamers for the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update.

Amethyst Geodes

image via Windows Central
image via Windows Central

Fans were raving about the Amethyst Geodes from the moment they were implemented into Minecraft as there's finally a new rare block to try and discover. With ancient debris being a less interesting block now, amethyst added more mystery and intrigue back into Minecraft.

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Amethyst Geodes brought multiple new blocks into the game of Minecraft, including Tuff and Calcite—two new stone variants that form around the outside of Amethyst Geodes. These stone variants will be wonderful for builders as they add so much more texture to any stony surface.

Other blocks incorporated in these generated structures are amethyst, amethyst clusters, and budding amethyst—the uncollectable block that actually produces the amethyst clusters players seek out.

Amethyst has so many aspects. It's assumed that many more will be added once the full update has been released. So far, players are loving figuring these geodes out and finding the best uses for their produce.

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image via @sparksrecovery, Twitter
image via @sparksrecovery, Twitter

Copper is easily the most exciting aspect of this snapshot release as there's finally a new ore in the game. There hasn't been a new overworld ore added into Minecraft since the addition of emerald ore in 2012.

This new Minecraft snapshot did not just bring copper ore into the game, but copper blocks and all its variants. Along with copper came the new gamerule, or game technology: the process of weathering or oxidizing.

Each of the four variants of copper blocks come in regular and waxed form. These forms also cover every type of copper, whether it be a solid block or chiseled/cut block, stair, slab, etc.

Copper has a very similar generation pattern to iron, making it easily available for players regardless of their stage in their Minecraft world.

Currently, copper doesn't have too many crafting uses, but it is hoped that there will be many more implemented into the game before releasing the new update in its entirety.

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Other items

image via:u/quickarm23, Reddit
image via:u/quickarm23, Reddit

Some other items that have been added into Minecraft through this snapshot are items like bundles, candles, and the spyglass. Each of these items has particular uses that add so much to the game, whether for practical or aesthetic purposes.

Candles, for example, can be placed in clusters like seapickles. They can also be dyed into each of the different colors available in the game, light up areas in the game, and even be placed on cakes.

Bundles are the newest way for players to make their inventory more efficient. Bundles can be used to collect items of small stacks in the inventory to collect them into a single space.

This is useful for players who find themselves with individuals of certain items or blocks that keep getting in the way of their inventory. This new item solves that issue.

Finally, the spyglass was added into Minecraft via the 20w45a Snapshot. This new revolutionary block provides players with an in-game version of the Optifine zoom, allowing players to see a lot easier over long distances than before.

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