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5 best Minecraft dragon mods in 2021

Image via Windows Central
Image via Windows Central
Anna Perella
Modified 29 Mar 2021
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Minecraft players are familiar with the ender dragon and its sinister lore and can't help but think of other dragons that can be included through mods.

Players may find themselves wondering about hatching the ender dragon's egg or other dragons that they could tame and ride into the sunset. Perhaps it's the opposite, and they'd want to dress themselves in the ender dragon drops, which can only be achieved through mods.

To better understand dragon mods and make a solid decision on which one to download, take a look at the top five Minecraft dragon mods of 2021.

Top 5 Minecraft dragon mods in 2021

#5 - DragonLoot by pois1xlive: Java Edition

This Minecraft mod allows players to collect loot from the ender dragon aside from the egg once it has been slain. The material is similar to leather in a way that it can be used to craft armor.

Image via CurseForge
Image via CurseForge

This is an excellent mod for those who have a distaste for the ender dragon or who want to flex their achievement to friends.

#4 - Wyrmroost by WolfShotz, Kindomall, Ukan, and Shannieann: Java Edition

This mod is certain to keep players on their toes with a variety of dragons.

Wyrmroost is available for download at CurseForge and applicable for Java Edition.

This mod provides a wide selection of beautifully designed dragons that can be tamed. According to the developers, they are designed for more than just travel. It's not hard to get attached to the dragons and should be given some time by players who are interested in fantasy and/or dragon Minecraft mods.

#3 - Dragon Add-On by mno: Pocket Edition

This mod can be downloaded at MCPEDL and applied to PE worlds supporting 1.16 or higher.

Image via MCPEDL
Image via MCPEDL

This Minecraft add-on includes dragons that breathe fire, fast dragons, and more. With a 4.65 star rating among users, there's no question if the mod is a favorite in the community.

The dragons can be equipped with a saddle and armor, which means that the player can ride them and take them into battle if they so choose.

#2 - Ice and Fire: Dragons by Alexthe666 and Raptorfarian: Java Edition

This mod presents players with two types of dragons that naturally generate as adults in Minecraft: ice and fire.

Fire dragons are described as capable of traveling most of the world with the ability to breathe fire. And on the contrary, ice dragons reside in the coldest regions and ice out their prey.

Image via CurseForge
Image via CurseForge

Lightning dragons have also worked their way into this mod, striking down victims with lightning bolts.

Besides the dragons, more features and mobs are added into a player's world, like cyclops and ghosts. The Minecraft mod is available for download through CurseForge.

#1 - Baby Ender Dragons Addon by Editor: Pocket Edition

Image via MCPEDL
Image via MCPEDL

This Minecraft PE add-on allows players to spawn the ender dragon in an overworld and is a risky but fun challenge.

The dragon experiences two stages once it has been hatched. Stage 1 is neutral towards players and won't harm them, but stage 2 is hostile.

During the first stage, the dragon has 100 health along with the ability to shoot fireballs. The dragon will then grow and move into the second stage, where it becomes malignant towards players, endermites, and villagers. Its health is also increased by 20.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 11:12 IST
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