7 best Minecraft townhouse builds

Townhouses can make for a beautiful addition to your Minecraft town (Image via Youtube/Keralis)
Townhouses can make for a beautiful addition to your Minecraft town (Image via Youtube/Keralis)

Townhouses are a great opportunity for players to demonstrate their architectural creativity in Minecraft, which provides a sizable canvas on which to do so. These little but fashionable homes provide a striking contrast to hectic metropolises or charming suburban areas. Building in Minecraft allows for many opportunities, and people have shown off their architectural skills in many ways.

This article will examine seven various townhouse constructions, each of which showcases a distinctive architectural marvel.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions.

Minecraft townhouse builds are truly unique homes

1) Aesthetic Townhouse


The Aesthetic Townhouse construction is a lovely option for builders and artists who value aesthetics. With this design, visual appeal takes center stage and incorporates distinctive architectural elements like asymmetrical shapes, brilliant colors, and detailed facades.

The unique decor, creative furniture configurations, and motivational artwork accentuate the interior. Players are encouraged to stretch the limits of their imagination and produce a truly stunning masterpiece with this townhouse project. This build was constructed by the YouTuber Brandon Stilley Gaming.

2) New York City Townhouse


This build acts as the Minecraft version of New York City while being in a video game. The iconic architectural design of this thriving metropolis is expertly captured in the New York City Townhouse construction. It has the traditional New York charm of a brownstone with its distinctive front and stoop.

A classic townhouse's distinct aesthetic, such as decorative ironwork and nice windows, can be replicated by players. Inside, the opulent ambiance is completed by nice little rooms and small spaces just like you'd expect of New York City. This build was made by YouTuber Mechitect.

3) Medieval Townhouse


The Medieval Townhouse build transports players back in time and captures the entrancing ambiance of the Middle Ages. This townhouse gives Minecraft a rustic and fantasy feel thanks to its solid stone walls, timber-framed embellishments, and thatched roofs.

Players can re-create the warm interiors of these homes, complete with bookshelves, wooden furnishings, and lanterns. This is an amazing build for a towny server, but realistically could suit anywhere. The fantastic tutorial was made by the popular YouTuber TheMythicalSausage.

4) Townhouse in City


The Townhouse in City construction is ideal for individuals seeking an urban ambiance. It features clean lines and a modern style that was inspired by contemporary city living. A sense of humongous space is created by the large glass windows that could display a breathtaking cityscape.

The interior can be furnished with art and minimalist furniture, and if you wanted, you could even add a rooftop garden or balconies, which may add a little bit of greenery to the concrete jungle. For those who wish to build an urban retreat within a busy city, this townhouse design is perfect. This design was created by YouTuber TSMC - Minecraft.

5) Suburban Townhouse


The Suburban Townhouse is another build by the YouTuber TSMC - Minecraft, which infuses your in-game environment with the tranquil appeal of the suburbs. With a pitched roof and a little porch for relaxing, this design emphasizes a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Players can design the interior to include several floors with roomy living areas, bedrooms, and even a basement. The inside is flooded with natural light from windows and skylights, creating a cozy and friendly atmosphere. This build would look splendid on a roleplay server.

6) Simple Townhouse


Any Minecraft environment can benefit from the understated elegance of the Simple Townhouse construction. Created by YouTuber Brandon Stilley Gaming, it offers a calm and simple environment thanks to a simple design and neutral color scheme.

Large windows let in lots of natural light, and quiet accents give the space a sanative feel. Players who appreciate a contemporary, straightforward appearance that can easily fit their tastes will love this build. This design is especially good for those struggling with building.

7) Brownstone Style Townhouse


The Brownstone Style Townhouse in Minecraft provides enduring beauty to the game. Inspired by the elegance of classic brownstones, this design oozes luxury with its distinctive exterior and decorative accents. High ceilings and beautiful floors cover the interior.

Players can engross themselves in a sophisticated and elegant style with this project. Despite bearing similarities with the New York City townhouse build found above, this design was created by YouTuber Gnomad.