5 Best Minecraft Vanilla Survival Servers in 2022

5 Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers for Java Edition in 2022
5 Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers for Java Edition in 2022

Minecraft vanilla servers aim to provide a survival experience that is best faithful to the original Java Edition game. Finding a good, simple survival Minecraft vanilla server can be a breath of fresh air with so many servers trying to stand out with wacky concepts.

Some servers choose to implement slight gameplay tweaks to offer players a slightly more refined multiplayer experience. Because of this, they are labeled 'semi-vanilla'. The best example of such gameplay tweaks is land-claim, which allows players to protect themselves from grief from malicious players.

Now it is understandable that some players desire completely unmodified servers. This list will include everything from 'semi' to 'pure' vanilla servers with little-to-no tweaks upon the original gamplay.

5 Best Minecraft Vanilla Survival Servers in 2022:

1) Vanilla Europa

IP Address:

The best SMP server for both Java and Bedrock Edition.
The best SMP server for both Java and Bedrock Edition.

The popular community advertises itself as 'semi-vanilla', which means that it has some slight tweaks to improve the player experience. One such tweak is that the it utilizes land-claiming to protect players from grief.

Upon joining, all you have to do is climb the spiral staircase at spawn and then go through the "Wild Portal" that takes you to a random place in the world and, boom, you're already playing survival multiplayer. There's no hassle with being forced to read long paragraphs of text or anything. This sort of simple survival gameplay is what makes this one of the best Minecraft SMP servers.

It boasts a tight-knit and friendly community of players. It even has a very active Discord with people regularly chatting through text and voice channels. Events are often run for players by admins, including even special UHC events in which winners are awarded unique prizes. This community is intended to be a place to chill alone or with your friends.

Started in 2018, this community survival server is perfectly fine-tuned for the best player experience possible. Plus, it has Bedrock Edition and Java Edtion Crossplay enabled!

Other good features on this server can be found below:

  • Toggleable PvP
  • Java Edition and Bedrock Edition Crossplay
  • Free Ranks from Voting
  • Dedicated Staff
  • Good Hardware (No lag)
  • Grief Prevention
  • Land Claiming
  • Mob Heads
  • Player Chest Shops
  • Player-made Warps
  • UHC Events
  • Community Events
  • 24/7 Uptime

Watch the server's trailer below!


2) UneasyVanilla

IP Address:

One of the best Minecraft semi-anarchy servers.
One of the best Minecraft semi-anarchy servers.

This is a harsh, yet fun, Minecraft server designed to completely negate the use of any game-altering plugins. A good label that would best fit this server is: 'Semi-Anarchy', because of how the players are only required to follow one rule: "No Hacking".

There are no protections such as land-claiming on this server. If you don't want to get griefed, your best bet is to hide your base far away from where anyone can see it. This sort of gameplay has attracted a die-hard community of players who love survival servers in their simplest form.

3) Purple Prison

IP Address:


Up next is Purple Prison. This server is easily the most modified on the list, implementing many gameplay alterations. These alterations are in place to polish the player experience and create a 'fresh twist' compared to the other repetitive basic sole simple survival servers on this list.

Purple Prison specifically features a vast survival world, which is only accessible after breaching out of the main prison. In the wild, players can build and protect themselves from grief. Purple Prison also utilizes its unique in-game economy, which allows players to create personal shops in-game.

Purple Prison is a very popular server with hundreds, if not thousands, of players online at any time of day in 2022. It also has a vast history, having been online and running for almost seven years now. Over this time, it has attracted joins from some seriously huge names, including the likes of PewDiePie.

4) TogetherCraft

IP Address:

TogetherCraft is one of the best Minecraft vanilla servers. (Image credits: TogetherCraft)
TogetherCraft is one of the best Minecraft vanilla servers. (Image credits: TogetherCraft)

TogetherCraft is a survival Minecraft server with a friendly community, fun events, and big ideas in mind. It aims to offer a true-to-game survival Minecraft experience, adding a few quality-of-life tweaks. They are driven to provide a friendly, engaging, and fair community.

The big twist with TogetherCraft is that it is whitelisted, meaning that you have to apply to play there. This protects the community from toxic players and griefers. It is clear that TogetherCraft prioritizes harboring a friendly community above all for their best possible community Minecraft survival experience.

5) Arcadia

IP Address:

Aarcadia is among the best Minecraft vanilla servers.
Aarcadia is among the best Minecraft vanilla servers.

Arcadia is a well-known Minecraft server which also holds players to only one rule which is: "no hacks". GriefPrevention is a foreign concept here. PvP and Raiding is a constant threat for players. If that's the kind of thrill you seek, then this server is good for you.

This server is designed to provide a unique experience with as close to simple survival as possible. However, they do offer all their players access to tpa and set homes to make the experience a bit less tedious so players don’t have to constantly travel far distances.

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