5 best Minecraft warehouse builds

Warehouse builds are great for storing items in Minecraft (Image via Youtube/NewFreedomMC)
Warehouse builds are great for storing items in Minecraft (Image via YouTube/NewFreedomMC)

Minecraft is a game commonly associated with creativity, imagination, and building. It offers an open world where you can recreate real-life structures, including warehouses. In the real world, these are used to store commodities — typically for big businesses. Warehouses are great Minecraft creations because they offer a wide open space that allows gamers to build anything they want.

Coming up with your own designs for them, however, can be rather tricky. But, lucky for you, this article presents the best warehouse builds you can try to replicate in Minecraft.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the writer's opinions.

These Minecraft warehouse builds offer tons of storage space

5) Warehouse (with interior)


The Warehouse is great for storing your items. It's also a safe place and can be used as an emergency shelter. However, it's best if you don't put too much stock there because if you're playing on a roleplay server, a build of this size is sure to attract thieves who want to steal your resources.

This is a big warehouse with tons of room on the outside as well as inside. The creation even features a lifter machine parked on the outside and also has countless windows on its top half. This is so that sufficient light can get inside. The video above was made by YouTuber NewFreedomMC.

4) Simple Warehouse


This Minecraft warehouse is made out of primarily concrete and iron, so it's not going to be difficult to build unless you're playing on a Survival server. It has three doors on the front that are big because they're meant to be used by vehicles going in and out of this warehouse. This makes it a great build if you're using a vehicle mod.

The Simple Warehouse looks very similar to the location "Dusty Depo" in Fortnite. Moreover, it's an easier build compared to most others on this list. This means beginners are more likely to have an easier time making this warehouse than some of the other ones mentioned here. Its design was constructed by Minecraft YouTuber Zekken-ZK.

3) Chest Warehouse


This is a simple warehouse that offers lots of storage space for chests and can be built in just minutes. It is great for those playing on a server with a plot world or Survival mode. Those who want a simple build for their chests that is also visually pleasing won't be disappointed with this option.

The Chest Warehouse is great for storing any items and has lanterns, so if you're looking for a place at night for shelter, you will be able to easily find it. You can always put away your tools in it if you need extra inventory space for something else. This design was made by the YouTuber SimonNoComments.

2) Medieval Warehouse


This is a great build for those who love medieval aesthetics, as well as individuals that like to build in the style of that period. This warehouse includes all the elements that you would expect from this era: stone floors; wood walls and arches; wooden beams and rafters; and even the space to build a dungeon.

The style of this Minecraft warehouse can be easily modified if you want to change its look. You could also add windows or doors to this creation if you want more light coming in from the outside. Similarly, if you think the inside of this creation is too bright, you can remove things that aren't opaque.

NeatCraft was the one who made this incredible warehouse.

1) Japanese Warehouse


This Japanese Warehouse is a simple structure that can be built by anyone. Though it's not hard to create, it does take some time and effort because you need to place blocks carefully in the right order. You can follow the amazing tutorial above — made by Cortezerino — to make building this warehouse easier for you.

This is a good choice for beginners who want to try something new. It's also decent for experienced gamers who want to build a structure different from the normal warehouses often seen in Minecraft. If you're looking for an elegant building with all of its details intact, this structure will suit your needs perfectly.

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