3 best Minecraft servers with building plots

Minecraft servers with building plots are great for showing off your builds (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft servers with building plots are great for showing off your builds (Image via Sportskeeda)

There are countless Minecraft servers in existence. Some may be competitive, while others are filled with casual players who want a good time. They all have great communities, but a few stand out more than others. The following section will dive into a list of the best servers that offer building plots.

Minecraft is played by countless individuals worldwide. The opportunity for players to build things is one of the game's many distinctive aspects. Minecraft players enjoy diverse building projects, including houses, sky islands, airplanes, and even entire towns.

Players love to show off their builds on Minecraft servers

1) PurplePrison

IP address: purpleprison.com

Purple Prison is the best server with building plots (Image via Mojang)
Purple Prison is the best server with building plots (Image via Mojang)

PurplePrison is a fantastic server with building plots, but in addition to a large selection of plots, PurplePrison also has a lot of other features that make it great for builders.

First off, you can build on any plot you want. If you see one that’s open, go ahead and claim it. You don't need to wait until someone dies or leaves the server before building your dream home. You can also build with friends.

PurplePrison is an OP prison server, most of these server types contain building plot worlds, but this one is the best. You start as a new player with few items or experience and must advance up the ranks. If you're interested in not only building but also server activities like PvP, gambling, and tons of roleplay-esque things, this server would be great for you.

This server contains a crash-style gambling system, where you can place a bet and try to cash out your money on a high multiplier to double, triple, or even 1000x your cash. You can also bet money against others by coin flips or PvP duels. Combat is a huge aspect of this server, with the ability to create gangs and have massive team fights.

2) ManaCube

IP address: manacube.com

ManaCube has a fantastic building plots area (Image via Mojang)
ManaCube has a fantastic building plots area (Image via Mojang)

ManaCube is a Minecraft community focused on creative builds. Here, you can build anything your heart desires without restrictions on size or theme. The only limit is the server's memory.

You don't need any experience with building. There are no complicated rules or tutorials to follow before you start creating. Once you've got some inspiration, head to the Building Hub, where other creators have constructed some truly awe-inspiring structures.

This Minecraft server is one of the most considerable minigame servers, with a vast playerbase that actively plays other gamemodes, such as factions, prison, survival, and even skyblock.

The server is mainly known for its skyblock, rivaling even the most significant Minecraft skyblock server, Hypixel. The Skyblock section has many different features and activities that allow you to keep expanding and playing forever.

Manacube has a Discord that offers 24/7 staff help, with many friendly members who are always willing to give a helping hand. It has over 70k+ members and is one of the biggest Minecraft server discords, right behind Hypixel and PurplePrison.

3) Builders Refuge

IP address: buildersrefuge.com

Builders Refuge is great for expert builders (Image via Mojang)
Builders Refuge is great for expert builders (Image via Mojang)

Builder's Refuge is a server with plenty of space to build your own home and a plot anywhere on the map. You can build your town with shops, mines, farms, dungeons, and more.

Building plots are rare on Minecraft servers, but Builder's Refuge has them in abundance. A claim protects each plot, so no one else can grieve your builds unless you give them access. This means you can have your own home on the map.

This server has many daily events, ranging from huge community projects to a simple competitive building arena. You can join the server and view all of the community builds that have been created. These are normally quite extraordinary and worth the time to check them out.

The server's competitive aspects are incredible for expert builders. Anyone interested in this can join the discord server for updates on any competition. Join the server and roam around to see the type of builds you would be going against.

Minecraft building plot server tips

1) A lot of servers that feature a building plot system are usually not the main objective, so to get to the plot world, you normally have to use commands like "/plot claim" or "/plot auto" to claim a plot. Normally, if you do "/plot help," you will receive a list of all the commands available.

2) Be mindful of who you trust. A lot of these servers allow you the opportunity to allow a player to build at your plot. Of course, that can be helpful and great if you know they have no ill intentions. Remember, though, that sometimes someone can offer to help you and betray your trust by griefing your build.

3) You will have to build some servers in survival mode, which typically makes it more challenging. If you have access to creative mode on the server, take advantage of it because it makes the building process so much easier, especially with it granting you the ability to fly.

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