Boat with chest in Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta Everything you need to know

Boat with chest (Image via Minecraft)
Boat with chest (Image via Minecraft)
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The boat with chest is finally out in Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta preview This feature was announced at the Minecraft Live event in 2021 as part of the new 1.19 The Wild Update and will be officially added to the game later this year for both editions.

Chest in boat, allay and the Deep Dark biome, are all in this week’s Beta and Preview. Fortunately for the fearful, the warden is yet to make its booming-beta debut – so be as noisy as you’d like in the dark!Find out more and give us your feedback:🌐

This item was first featured in one of the previous Live events where it got knocked off in the voting round. However, players are rejoicing that the item will make a permanent return to the game as part of the update. This will drastically change how players interact with boats and how they transfer and carry items while exploring the overworld.

Everything there is to know about boat with chest in Minecraft Bedrock Edition beta


As soon as the Bedrock edition beta preview got released, players from all around the world jumped on the preview to see and explore the new useful items in the game. There are several things to note while players use the boat with chests in future updates.

Crafting boat with chest in Minecraft

Crafting recipe (Image via Minecraft)
Crafting recipe (Image via Minecraft)

First of all, crafting this item is fairly easy and quick, as players can tell, it just needs two items: boats and chests. There is no integrated crafting recipe that players have to use while making this item as they can simply combine a boat and a chest. Players can place the boat on the left side and chest on the right side to craft this. Fortunately, this item doesn't even need a crafting table, making it extremely easy to craft.


Crouch while using the item to open the chest (Image via Mojang)
Crouch while using the item to open the chest (Image via Mojang)

Once players have the item in the Minecraft beta, they can simply place it in water to use it. When right-clicking it normally, players will get in the boat and can row it normally with their chests behind them. However, if they want to use the chest itself, they will have to get off the boat, crouch down and then right click the chest.

Players won't be able to use the chest while sitting in the boat, hence they will have to find land to stand and crouch on in order to open the chest.

Breaking the boat with chest in Minecraft

Breaking the item drops all items separately (Image via Mojang)
Breaking the item drops all items separately (Image via Mojang)

Many players instantly break the boat when they reach a shore to collect it and continue on foot, however they must be a little careful when using this new item. If a player has loads of items in their chest and they break the boat, all items inside will drop separately. This means that the boat, chest and all the items in the chest will separately drop in the water if players break it.

Hence, players must first remove all the items from the chest and then break the boat to collect them. Remember, both the items will separate the moment they break, and players will have to craft the item again to use it.

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