Can you add mods to Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms mod
Adding mods to Realms world (Image via Mojang Studios)

Minecraft mods offer a way to change the gameplay experience of the Vanilla game completely and make it even better. There are countless mods created by talented developers that you can easily download from popular websites such as Modrinth and Curseforge and install in the game. But sometimes, it's not that simple.

For example, you might find adding mods to Minecraft Realms a little complicated. This is because you cannot add mods to worlds hosted on Realms, which implies that most of the mods that change the gameplay by adding new mechanics, items, mobs, or other content cannot be used on Realms world.

But this does not mean you cannot add any third-party modification on Realms. There are some exceptions when it comes to modding worlds of Realm, and in this article, we’ll explain what type of mods you can add to the Realms worlds. Let’s get started.

Adding mods to Minecraft Realms

You can add some specific mods to Realms (Image via Mojang Studios)
You can add some specific mods to Realms (Image via Mojang Studios)

Realms is a service that you can get by paying for Realms Plus. This service gives you access to a private server for your game to be hosted on. Hosting the game on the server allows you to add multiple players in the same world and play the game together.

But the ability to add mods to the game and make the game more fun is even better when playing with friends. Sadly, Realms does not allow the addition of mods that change the gameplay mechanics. This means that most of the fun mods are not available for Realms.

This does not mean you cannot add any mods. For example, you can add commandblocks, add-ons for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and even server-side databacks to Realms World without any issues. Other resource packs, along with the famous OptiFine can be used as they are meant for your PC and not for the server.

So does this mean that you cannot play a modded version of the game with multiple friends? Not at all. While Realms is a service that allows access to Mojang’s servers, you can easily get other servers and host the game on them. It works just like Realms but without any restrictions.

All you must do is find a server hosting service where you can rent a server for a monthly price. A virtual server or a game server would be great for it. This way, you can play Minecraft with any type of mod you want.

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