Easiest way to defeat Blazes in Minecraft

Blaze near a spawner (Image via Minecraft)
Blaze near a spawner (Image via Minecraft)

Blazes are one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft. They dwell in the perilous Nether fortress and can easily kill players with their lethal attacks. However, there are certain combat tactics with which players can gain the upper hand during the fight.

Blazes are hostile mobs present in the Nether, exclusively in the fortress. They levitate and shoot fireballs at the players. Due to this, they are dangerous and difficult to fight with. Blazes are one of the mobs that cannot be ignored as their item drops are essential for players to complete Minecraft. If players know the mob's weakness, they can take the fight to them and easily defeat the fiery mob.

Ways to easily defeat Blazes in Minecraft


Items to have

While fighting these mobs in the fortress, players must always be prepared for the worst. The fortress is a dangerous place to go to, hence, players should have all the required gear and items to keep them safe:

  • Full enchanted diamond armor
  • Enchanted diamond sword and axe
  • Ranged weapons like bow, crossbow or trident
  • Loads of food
  • Strong blocks like cobblestone or deepslate
  • Stacks of snowballs
  • Shields

How to fight them

Blaze spawner (Image via Quora)
Blaze spawner (Image via Quora)

After players find a Nether fortress, they will encounter Wither skeletons first which they can kill with a ranged weapon, as the mob's sword hits can be lethal.

Soon, the players will encounter a few blazes as well. These can either be found in the fortress passages or in their spawner area. As soon as they see the players, they will start shooting fireballs at them. The players need to be prepared and must quickly dodge them.

After this, players can use a combination of attacks with snowballs, melee weapons and ranged weapons. A snowball will be deemed the best weapon against them. Snowballs can deal 3 damage per hit (one and a half hearts of damage) and it takes a total of 7 snowball hits to completely kill one mob.

Snowball is the best weapon for killing them (Image via Minecraft)
Snowball is the best weapon for killing them (Image via Minecraft)

If players do run out of snowballs, they can still fight them with ranged and melee weapons. Whenever blazes are not shooting their fireballs, players can run and attack them with melee weapons.

To dodge their attacks and kill them with ease, players can place torches near the spawner and create an enclosed space around the spawner block. Then, they can create a small opening from which they can hit the mob without taking any damage. Players can even go back to the overworld to gather some more snowballs and return to the fight if they choose.