Easiest way to find diamonds in Minecraft Java Edition

Diamond ore (Image via Mojang)
Diamond ore (Image via Mojang)

The Minecraft 1.18 update completely revamped the game. Caves are not similar to how they once were, and neither are the mountains. With caves being redone, everything that could once be found inside them has changed.

All ores, including diamonds, have new places to spawn and new ways to find them. Given that diamonds are the most essential resource in the game, players should know how to find them easily. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

Tips to get diamonds easily in Minecraft Java Edition

There are a lot of differences between Java and Bedrock Edition. Fortunately, the update made them a little more similar. Cave generation (and ore spawns) remain the same across both platforms.

Diamonds were formerly found most commonly on Y level 11 or 12. Players strip mined on those levels and came away with a good amount of diamonds most of the time. That's no longer the case.

It's not impossible to find diamonds at those levels, though. Diamonds now spawn from Y level 14 all the way down to Y level -63. This is the range players should be in if they expect to find diamonds.

However, the most specific level is now Y level -59. This level, and the ones immediately above and below, house the best chance of finding diamonds when strip mining.

Strip mining is not the only way to collect them, though. The 1.18 update introduced a few new cave types: cheese caves, spaghetti caves, and noodle caves.

Cheese caves frequently spawn ores, according to the Minecraft Wiki. Since the 1.18 update also increased the frequency of diamond ore spawns, cheese caves are arguably the best place to find them.

Cheese caves are called "pocket areas." They are denoted by their open space, whereas spaghetti and noodle caves are narrower and have more tunnels.

Cheese caves are wider and have more ores (Image via Mojang)
Cheese caves are wider and have more ores (Image via Mojang)

As always, the Fortune enchantment can make a massive difference in the amount of diamonds players take away. Fortune I sees Minecraft players take away an average of 1.33 diamonds per ore. Fortune II sees 1.75, and Fortune III's average is 2.2.