"Excited for this new era": Karl Jacobs, MrBeast, GeorgeNotFound, and more react to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face-reveal

Dream Face Reveal
Popular YouTubers commented their views on the Minecraft pro's surprise face-reveal (Image via YouTube/Dream)

Minecraft veteran and Popular YouTuber Clay "Dream" revealed his face to his viewers and the world yesterday and hence fulfilled a promise he made a few weeks back. As the rest of the world saw this as a surprise, friends and fans of Dream were pleased to see him step out of his anonymity.

Clay is one of the top content creators in the Minecraft world, who also holds two world records for his YouTube channel and the most viewed video that is based on the popular game. His content is based on the speedruns and challenges he engages in with the likes of other popular YouTubers like MrBeast, Karl Jacobs, Sapnap, and more.


The reveal premiered on his YouTube channel where millions of viewers tuned in, with other content creators streaming it live on their channel after having FaceTimed him personally.

The reason for the reveal came across to be quite sensible as the YouTuber now wants to work with the rest of the Dream Team to create quality content by partnering with his long-term friend and fellow YouTuber, GeorgeNotFound.

Karl Jacobs, MrBeast, and more react to Minecraft YouTuber Dream's face-reveal

As part of the face-reveal video, Dream also told other viewers that he was going to pick up GeorgeNotFound from the airport, where the latter would be recording a video of them meeting up. Shortly after, he tweeted a picture of himself and his friends together with his face, revealing it on social media.

Popular YouTube content creator MrBeast invited Dream and his team to be to create further content without a mask. As fans know, both the content creators have been collaborators since a long time.

@Dream Now that you got that out the way, COME BE IN SOME VIDEOS!!! :D

Karl Jacobs, a member of MrBeast's team and a long-time friend of Dream, posted his reaction when Clay FaceTimed him to show his face. Moreover, he replied to the picture posted on his Twitter with his thoughts on how he is excited for this new era and to meet Dream in real life.

@Dream So proud of you man :) it’s been years in the making and you’re finally on the other side of it! Excited for this new era and I’m so excited to finally meet you IRL 💕 love u man

Shortly after the face-reveal video, GeorgeNotFound took to Twitter to tell his followers that he met Dream in real life and was fed up of the mosquitoes in Florida. He also continued to comment on several posts the YouTuber had made on Twitter, entertaining fans on both ends.

Just met Dream!! :)
i already have a mosquito bite, florida sucks

The party did not stop there and several content creators and fans commented on his appearance and praised him for his looks. They tweeted how they are happy that Dream gets to be with all his Minecraft friends in real life and how it is the next big thing for the community.

@Dream looking good, Men. Very, very good.
@Dream I feel like words can’t express how proud I am of you and how happy I am that you finally get to be with all your friends FINALLLYYYYY 😭
@Dream He looks like an Ark character his face is so uncannyhe looks like Shane Dawsonhe’s built like an alien trying to pass as humanhe looks like he works at a McDonald’s drive through
@Dream Ksi: OMG you are black Dream:

However, there were some who just plainly made memes on his face and did not shy away from insulting him on his appearance. Nevertheless, the response on the face-reveal has been wild and trending around the internet since yesterday. It looks like it's here to stay for a while until the Dream Team releases another Minecraft video.

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