How to find Redstone in Minecraft easily

Redstone Minecraft illustration (Image via planetminecraft)
Redstone Minecraft illustration (Image via planetminecraft)
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Modified 26 Apr 2021

Redstone is a very useful Minecraft ore found deep within the underground of the overworld. Redstone is a rare ore usually found below y-level 1 to 16 but can occasionally be found outside of this y-level range.

Redstone generates in large veins of eight and drops a lot of Redstone dust when mined. This makes Redstone a plentiful resource since it's not as rare as diamonds and drops more Redstone dust than the Redstone ore suggests.

Redstone generates about 30 ores per chunk, making this a very easily accessible resource for players to use. However, players may want to know how to find this useful ore.

Here are a few ways to find Redstone in Minecraft.

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Finding Redstone in Minecraft

There are many different methods Minecraft players can use to find this red ore in the game. They can use various mining techniques, tracers, or generated structures where Redstone is readily available.

Mining Techniques

Strip Mining

Most Minecraft players already know what strip mining is, but for those who don't, it's when players pick one direction underground to mine in until they obtain their desired resources.

This is an efficient and easy way for players to get enough cobblestone, coal, iron, Redstone, lapiz, gold, and even diamonds. Once the player is at a low enough y-level, the ores will become plentiful for their straight line to dig up. Another benefit of the strip mine is that it allows for easy access to and from the mine.

Double Strip Mining

Variation of strip mining technique (Image via minecraftforum)
Variation of strip mining technique (Image via minecraftforum)

Regular strip mining is great, but players will miss a lot of ores that land outside their one-by-one tunnel. That's where a double strip mine comes in. This technique involves making two strip mines a few blocks away from each other going in the same direction. This allows players to get many ores they would have missed if they only used one tunnel.

Diagonal Mining

Diagonal mines Minecraft (Image via Reddit)
Diagonal mines Minecraft (Image via Reddit)

This technique is less common in the Minecraft community, but it's the best way to get ores. Similar to the strip mine, players have to choose a diagonal direction and then mine diagonally until they obtain the desired ores.


Hack client traces entities and ores (Image via mchacks)
Hack client traces entities and ores (Image via mchacks)

For players who are willing and able to use cheats, hacks, and tracers, it may be the player's best bet to obtain Redstone. There are tons of tracer mods that players can use to search for ores underground without even digging them themselves.

Tracers and other hacking mods can be very useful for resources, especially on anarchy servers or in single-player speed runs.

Generated structures

Naturally generated structure (Image via minecraftforum)
Naturally generated structure (Image via minecraftforum)

Another great way to find Redstone is through Minecraft's generated structures. There are many different options for players to explore, and it's almost guaranteed that the structures will generate in the player's Minecraft world since they're so common.


Village in Minecraft (Image via
Village in Minecraft (Image via

Redstone can be found in Minecraft villages. Sometimes Redstone will appear in village chests, and other times players have to trade and level up their villager trades to obtain Redstone. Either way, there's seldom a shortage of Redstone in large villages.

Mineshafts & Dungeons

Minecraft mineshaft (Image via curseforge)
Minecraft mineshaft (Image via curseforge)

The underground is always the best place for players to find Redstone, but when players enter a dungeon or a mineshaft, the chances of finding Redstone grow exponentially.

Mineshafts are just abandoned mine rails. Since it takes Redstone to power mine rails, it's almost certain that the player will find Redstone stored in one of the mineshaft chests near the rails.

The loot in dungeons can vary greatly, but it's not uncommon for players to find Redstone or even other valuable ores hidden away in the dungeon chests.

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Published 26 Apr 2021
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