How to install add-ons to a Minecraft Realm

Add-ons allow players to heavily customize their Minecraft game experience (Image via
Add-ons allow players to heavily customize their Minecraft game experience (Image via
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Add-ons in Minecraft realms are a relatively new feature that allows Bedrock players to add new features to their game. Add-ons are exclusive to the Bedrock edition and can be compared to mods that exist within the Java Edition of Minecraft.

Players can also use add-ons to turn their Minecraft realms world into a highly modified multiplayer environment, in a similar style to Minecraft modded servers that currently exist on the Java Edition.

This guide will teach players everything there is to know about Minecraft add-ons for realms, including how they can be installed, some of the best ones, and much more.

Installing an add-on in Minecraft Realms is easier than it seems

Installing add-ons for Minecraft Realms varies slightly between the platforms used. Rest assured, however, as it's a relatively simple process no matter what platform is used.

  • In order to install new add-ons, gamers must first download the relevant add-on file from either the Minecraft marketplace or elsewhere on the internet.
  • After downloading the add-on file, players must now open this file. If everything is correct, there should now be a popup displayed that should say the pack or world has successfully been imported.
  • Once the selected add-ons have been successfully imported into the game, it's now time to add them to the realm.
  • To do this, players must navigate to the resource pack or behavior pack tab in the realms settings. In this menu, players can control all of the active add-ons currently applied to the realm. Also in this menu, they can add a new add-on to the realm.

In order to use an add-on downloaded from the official Minecraft Marketplace, it must first be purchased. After that, players can use the "create on realms" button to import the content into the realms.


Where to find the best add-ons for Minecraft Realms?

The Minecraft marketplace is full of great add-ons that players can purchase and use. There are also a couple fantastic free add-ons that Mojang has released.

Minecraft master Seth Bling has made an Add-On that you'll be able to play soon! Watch the teaser here. #MINECON2016

These add-ons were created by SethBlid, BlockWorks, Team Minecraft, and the Mindcrack crew. They can be downloaded here for free.

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