How to add more ores into Minecraft

The unfortunately outdated rainbow ore mod (Image via
The unfortunately outdated rainbow ore mod (Image via

The few ores that are found in the vanilla version of Minecraft may become boring to the veteran players. In this case, these players are highly recommended to try some of the various mods that can be added to Minecraft.

Players should be aware that most of these mods haven't been updated to Minecraft update 1.17. These mods will also require their own Minecraft profile to be run. This may seem complicated to some beginner Minecraft players. However, it is extremely simple in practice.

Adding new ores to Minecraft

Singular Mods

Ore added in the thermal expansion mod (Image via Thermal Expansion)
Ore added in the thermal expansion mod (Image via Thermal Expansion)

Before highlighting mods that add new ores into Minecraft, players must know how to download and install mods/modpacks.


Since installing and downloading mods is an article in itself, provided above is a quick YouTube video that easily showcases how to download and install mods into Minecraft.

Now that players know how to install mods, they can add more exciting ores into their worlds.

The first mod that adds ore to Minecraft is known as Thermal Expansion. This mod adds seven new ores, and these ores are listed below:

  • Silver Ore
  • Ferrous Ore
  • Lead Ore
  • Copper Ore
  • Tin Ore
  • Shiny Ore
  • Mana Infused Ore

These ores can be used in a massive list of recipes such as energy generators, ore grinders, batteries, and gears. Thermal Expansion is widely known as one of the best technology mods in Minecraft, providing hundreds of hours of quality gameplay.

Unfortunately, the Thermal Expansion mod is currently only available for Minecraft update 1.16.5.

Players looking to add ore to the latest version of Minecraft, update 1.17, are in luck. The More Ores in one mod adds a few crystals to Minecraft, which can be used to craft various items. The crystals will be listed below:

  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz
  • Cryorite
  • Amethyst
  • Experience Ore

While this mod doesn't add nearly as much as the Thermal Expansion mod does, it still adds some much-needed underground variety. Each crystal is found in different biomes and can be used to craft various items such as tools, armor, and horse armor.

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