How to beat Corrupted Cauldron in Minecraft Dungeons

The Corrupted Cauldron can be a challenging boss (Image via YouTube/Boss Fighter)
The Corrupted Cauldron can be a challenging boss (Image via YouTube/Boss Fighter)

Minecraft Dungeons is a game in which players can team up with their friends to battle the Illager hordes and eventually defeat the Arch-Illager. Many enemies will stand in the way of the player during this quest, including classic Minecraft mobs like creepers and endermen.

However, at the end of certain stages, players will have to face off against bosses who will test their abilities to the limit in order to defeat them. Corrupted Cauldron, one of these bosses, rules over the Soggy Swamp level. With its magical attacks and summoning ability, this magical cauldron has the potential to cause havoc.

Here is everything players need to know to defeat it.

Defeating the Corrupted Cauldron in Minecraft Dungeons


Making your way through the Soggy Swamp in Minecraft Dungeons can be a difficult task in and of itself. But it really heats up when you get to the field with the Corrupted Cauldron. When the Arch-Illager approaches the Cauldron, it will spring to life before disappearing. This will start the level's boss battle phase.

The overall mechanics of the boss fight with the Corrupted Cauldron in Minecraft Dungeons are as follows: it will begin to fire out purple flames towards the player, which will form a ring around it. These flames are extremely dangerous if touched and should be avoided. For a brief moment before they touch down, you can see where they will land. Use this time to move to a clear location.

In addition to unleashing the heinous flames, the Corrupted Cauldron will begin summoning reinforcements into the fray. These could be any of the level's various mobs, including slimes with projectile attacks. It is critical to eliminate these mobs quickly before the Corrupted Cauldron launches its next wave of attack.

After avoiding the flames and defeating the mobs, rush into the Cauldron and deal melee damage. Try to get as many hits as you can before fleeing the flames.

Continue avoiding the flames, defeating the mobs, and smacking the Cauldron until it is defeated.

Additional tips to defeat the Corrupted Cauldron in Minecraft Dungeons


To make the fight easier, use weapons with AoE-style effects. While axes and hammers are slower to use, they deal massive damage in a large area and can help you deal with the hordes of mobs summoned by the Corrupted Cauldron.

Make sure your gear has plenty of enchantments. Certain abilities, such as Radiance, can keep your character alive longer by healing them during combat. Furthermore, enchantments such as Critical Strike or Sharpness can significantly increase the player's damage output, resulting in a faster fight.

Allow your potion and skills to recharge before you begin fighting. If you become overwhelmed, there is a spot in the northeast corner that is elevated above the rest of the arena. If you can get up there, the fires and mobs will be unable to reach you, allowing you to recharge.

Finally, while your other abilities are charging, using a bow or crossbow to deal damage to the boss while moving can be beneficial.

By following these tips, players should be able to make this fight much easier and come out victorious, bringing them one step closer to defeating the evil Arch-Illager in Minecraft Dungeons.