5 best builds in Minecraft Dungeons (2022)

Minecraft Dungeons (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft Dungeons (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft Dungeons has a lot of different items to offer. Armor and weapons in this game see a much wider variety of options compared to Minecraft Java and Bedrock. These items offer unique benefits, but they also have their own weaknesses.

Their strengths and weaknesses are important because they allow players to try out different combos and find out what works. These combos are called builds, and a build is just any combination of artifacts, weapons, armor, or other items.

A build can be totally random, or it could have a purpose to serve. For instance, a build could be employed to help a player with the level or levels they find themselves in. Here are some of the best builds to try out in Minecraft Dungeons.

Note: Opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer.

Minecraft Dungeons players can try these five stellar build options

5) Warrior Tank Build

This build utilizes claymores, hammers, and gadgets as its melee weapons. Claymores are among the best swords in the game. The armor should be the Mercenary armor, which has the following abilities:

  • +X health
  • 35% damage reduction
  • +20% weapon damage boost aura

The ranged weapons should be heavy crossbows.

Shock Powder, Death Cap Mushroom, Wind Horn, Flame Quiver, and Boots of Swiftness are helpful in this particular build, too. It's one of the more creative builds, but it's still one of the best.

This build is good for reducing damage taken as well as increasing damage given by a little bit. As such, it will be useful for levels when players want to be a little more tanky.

Adding damage reduction and increasing attack damage is useful in most scenarios, so there’s good reason to employ this build.

4) Healing Build

A Totem of Regeneration, one of the most useful items in the game. (Image via Mojang)
A Totem of Regeneration, one of the most useful items in the game. (Image via Mojang)

This build involves any melee weapon enchanted with a Healing enchantment. These enchantments are good for players who are less concerned with preserving health. They allow such players to take damage and heal afterward.

The Mystery armor should be included for defensive purposes. Sabrewing should serve as the ranged weapon this time around. These items will be available as well as very useful in this build: Totem of Regeneration, Shielding Totem, and Love Medallion.

Gamers who want to ensure survival for themselves and their teammates will want to try out this build. The items in play are great for healing oneself and allies, which can make quite a difference in any given level.

There are all kinds of different playstyles that this can work with, making it a versatile choice.

3) Speedy Assassin

Shock Powder (Image via Jira Minecraft)
Shock Powder (Image via Jira Minecraft)

In this Minecraft Dungeons build, Daggers and Sickles should be the melee weapons. The robe should be made of embers, and the armor should be made of spiders. Alongside those choices, a rapid crossbow and auto crossbow as ranged weapons are more solid decisions.

Shock Powder and Boots of Swiftness are two of the artifacts found by players that can really boost speed, which will be most useful in a build like this.

In certain Dungeons, players like to be able to move around quickly. They like to attack and retreat and not take a lot of damage, and this build is perfect for such a situation.

2) Soul Reaper

Corrupted Beacon in action (Image via Mojang)
Corrupted Beacon in action (Image via Mojang)

In this particular Minecraft Dungeons build, the Soul Knife and Soul Scythe are the melee weapons, while Soul Robe is the chosen armor type. Players can use other weapons, including the Soul Crossbow and Soul Bow.

Coupled with those, the following artifacts will be most useful:

  • Lightning Rod
  • Harvester
  • Corrupted Beacon
  • Torment Quiver
  • Soul Healer

All the weapons and many of the artifacts have one thing in common: souls. Souls are an important part of the game, and soul collection is something that many players prioritize for various reasons.

The Corrupted Beacon uses those souls to power itself, and it is widely considered the best artifact in the game.

This build is considered a soul build and is one of the best builds available. There’s no downside to increasing the usefulness of souls, since they’re universally helpful in almost any level.

Artifacts are often a difference maker and having a build set up to optimize them is a wise idea.

1) Master Archer

In this last and arguably best Minecraft Dungeons build, the melee weapon can vary. Anything that has the Chains enchantment, which is ideal for daggers, is a good choice. Evocation and Frost Bite can also serve as the robe and armor, respectively. The Evocation Robe can reduce the artifact cooldown and Frost Bite increases soul collection, which are both useful.

Since this is a ranged build, lots of ranged weapons can work well. The Scatter Crossbow and Feral Soul Crossbow are among the best choices.

This build prioritizes distance, so it helps players get more versatile and learn how to attack from a distance. This is helpful because attacking from afar is often the safest method.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.