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How to convert a Minecraft Bedrock seed into a Java seed

A picturesque seaside landscape in Minecraft. (Image via
A picturesque seaside landscape in Minecraft. (Image via
Modified 16 Jan 2021

Minecraft players should not be discouraged when they find a Bedrock seed that they would rather instead play on Java Edition, as the seed itself can be quickly converted into a seed that is compatible and playable on Java.

There are millions of different seeds out there for Minecraft players to chose from. However, players need to be careful when hunting down a new Minecraft seed that they would like to use.

There is a critical difference between a Bedrock seed and a Java seed, because each one correlates to it's own specific version of Minecraft.

If someone finds a Minecraft seed for Bedrock, they can not always simply put the same value into Java Edition and expect the same world. However, all Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition can be converted into a playable seed for Java Edition.

The world that is produced in Java will have some slight differences than the one on Bedrock, but the overall seed will remain similar.

This article breaks down how Minecraft players can convert a Bedrock Edition seed into one that is playable on Java Edition.

How to convert a Minecraft Bedrock seed into a Java seed


Disclaimer #1: All Bedrock seeds can be converted into seeds that can be played on Java Edition. The same can not always be done vice-versa, as there are Java seeds that can not be converted into Bedrock seeds with this method.

Each Minecraft seed contains it's own value that essentially tells the game how to generate that specific world. Java Edition stores this information has a 64-bit value, while Bedrock Edition stores this information as 32-bit value.

Minecraft Bedrock seeds that have a positive value can simply be put into Java Edition, and will create a similar and playable world. This includes any seed that has a value between 0 and 2147483648.

However, if a Bedrock seed contains a negative value, players will need to add 4,294,967,296 to whatever the value of the seed it. For example, players who want to convert a Bedrock seed with the value of -57895 will end up with 4294909401.

That is the seed number that players will want to put into Java Edition in order to get the same seed.

Dislcaimer #2: The new Java Edition seed will likely not be an exact replica of the Bedrock seed version. The same arrangement of biomes and a similar map will be produced. However, the spawn point, exact terrain, and structure locations will be slight different.


Players may want to be able to do this in reverse, but unfortunately it is not always possible. Negative value Java seeds can not be converted into one for Bedrock Edition at all.

Java also has way more seed options than Bedrock, and more than half of seeds break and don't work when trying to convert from Java to Bedrock.

It is a whole lot simpler to turn a Bedrock seed into a Java seed, with a far higher success rate.

To help speed up the process of selecting a new Minecraft seed, here are a few different places to start: 5 exceedingly broken Minecraft seeds, 5 best Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition in January 2021, & Top 5 Minecraft seeds to explore this winter

Published 16 Jan 2021, 04:15 IST
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