How to create an underwater flying contraption in Minecraft

Underwater flying contraption (Image via Dusty Dude on YouTube)
Underwater flying contraption (Image via Dusty Dude on YouTube)
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While many Minecraft players are aware that flying contraptions can be used to fly above the ground terrain, most are completely unaware that flying contraptions have some uses while in the water. In fact, water flying contraptions maybe even more useful than above-ground flying contraptions for a variety of reasons.

Both above and below-water flying contraptions are built similarly, however, each Minecraft player usually comes up with their own design. The design that is showcased below will have a specific use.

Minecraft underwater flying contraption: Everything players need to know

Kelp Farmer

Kelp farm flying contraption (Image via YouTube)
Kelp farm flying contraption (Image via YouTube)

The specific fly contraption design seen above is the design that will be focused on in this article. This contraption is used to farm kelp while completely submerged underwater. This is useful for players looking to create things such as automatic kelp farms, turtle farms, etc.

The resources required to create this underwater flying contraption are listed below:

  • One hopper
  • Two chests
  • Two levers
  • Two blue ice
  • Three observers
  • Two water buckets
  • One door
  • Four honey blocks
  • Three sticky pistons
  • Five signs
  • Two trapdoors

Minecraft players must keep in mind that these resources are only able to craft the contraption itself. The kelp farm will require other building blocks such as dirt, glass, and kelp. Players will need to place the kelp in a way so that the contraption can collect as much as possible. This is a personal choice, however, players are recommended to set up their kelp in large rows for maximum output.

Essentially, this underwater flying contraption works by flying into the kelp blocks as they grow, breaking the blocks and sending them to the surface to be collected. The collection system will utilize flowing water to send the loose kelp into a group of hoppers, allowing for easy collection.


The YouTube video above showcases the specifics of this underwater flying contraption build, which are easier to understand in video format. The creator of this build creates a large row of kelp, which means a large collection system must be created.

Minecraft players can make their rows as small or large as desired, as the obsidian will stop the contraption from moving no matter the distance traveled.

If successful, this Minecraft underwater flying contraption will allow for mass collection and usage of kelp, which is an extremely underrated XP farming tool.

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