How to download Minecraft add-ons on Xbox One

Addons can change a lot in Minecraft Xbox One (Image via Minecraft)
Addons can change a lot in Minecraft Xbox One (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft is available on many different platforms. Be it Windows, mobile, or console, each platform has its own version or “edition” of the game with its own set of tweaks that can be applied in the form of mods, shaders, and more.

While Minecraft: Java Edition has modding, shaders, and resource packs in its arsenal, Minecraft Bedrock has add-ons available for it. These add-ons can bring new life to Minecraft Bedrock’s world by changing the behavior and textures of certain items, mobs, and blocks in the game. They serve as replacements for mods in each of the different versions of Minecraft Bedrock by altering or adding new types of sounds, mobs, and features.

This article will tell players how to download and install Minecraft add-ons for the Xbox One console.

Minecraft: Where and how to get addons for Xbox One edition


Players could previously download mods from third-party websites like mcpedl, then install them into their game using the official MC Addons application that was provided to players as a free application in the Microsoft store.

Unfortunately, as of 2021, Microsoft removed the MC Addons application from the Microsoft store, meaning mods/addons for Minecraft were only available if players purchased them. This means that while mods and addons are still accessible and authorized for use on other Bedrock platforms and Java Edition, the only source of additional content for Xbox One players is the Minecraft Marketplace.


While many players did not approve of this change, Microsoft seems quite serious about the usage of mods and addons on Xbox One. While there are countless tutorials out there on how to make addons work with the game on Xbox One, players should be careful about actually going through with them.

Players may be in danger of being banned if they resort to using add-ons downloaded from third-party websites, which may be flagged as unauthorized activity by Microsoft. Additionally, most methods of using addons get patched out quite quickly, rendering them invalid.


For players who want to buy the content found in the Marketplace, all they need to do is to head to the game’s official website and click on “Minecraft” under the drop-down “Games” tab. This will take them to a dedicated page where the Marketplace can be accessed. From here, players can browse the store and buy whatever they want using the “minecoin” currency. After this, they can download the content straight to their game.

Add-on content can be a breath of fresh air for Minecraft on Xbox One. While the console does not support mods and addons as of now, other platforms like the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the “Pocket” edition are still authorized to download and use mods or addons.

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