How to download the Toolbox mod in Minecraft PE

The Toolbox Mod showcased (Image via Google Play store/Naseer Turk)
The Toolbox Mod showcased (Image via Google Play store/Naseer Turk)

Since the game’s release, the Minecraft community has played a massive role in creating, developing, and releasing external content for the game. This includes shaders, resource packs, texture packs, plugins, etc.

These features are meant to enhance the already critically acclaimed vanilla version of Minecraft, and they do a great job at it. However, one of the most extensive enhancements to the game comes in modifications or mods.

Mods allow players to alter many aspects of the game. Players can add a ton of new entities and functionality to the game using mods. This includes new mobs, weapons, tools, armor, blocks, food items, bosses, dimensions, plants, etc.

While many popular mods for the game are made for Java Edition or the PC versions, some, like the Toolbox mod, are specifically made for mobile players.

Minecraft Mods: How to get the Toolbox Mod


Since the toolbox mod is an application for the game on the mobile platform, it can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. All players need to type in "Toolbox for Minecraft PE" in the Google Play search bar, hit search, and click on the "Toolbox for Minecraft: PE" application.

The icon for the application is a single chest in front of a green background. The mod requires the player to first own a copy of the game's Pocket Edition, or what is now just called Minecraft since MCPE was integrated into the game's Bedrock Edition.

While players can easily download the mod from the Google Play store, it is also available externally on the internet, where players can find it complete with all its updates and changes. Websites like "apkpure" are great for downloading apk files for mobile applications such as this one.

About the Toolbox mod


The Toolbox mod acts as a separate launcher for the game's mobile edition. This means that players will not have to launch the game from the game's icon or mobile launcher. Thyme will instead launch the Toolbox application, from where the game will be launched.

This mod allows players to obtain some exciting and valuable items in the game. However, its primary purpose is convenience. If players run out of resources while playing survival mode, they must select that item from the mod's menu.


This makes gameplay smoother and more consistent than typing in the command to open creative mode and select the item from there. This feature also includes enchantments, potions, special blocks, and more.

Players can enchant their weapons, tools, and armor with the click of a button. The mod also allows players to enchant their gear with additional levels for a particular enchantment. This means that players can enchant their armor with Fire Protection VIII, for example.


The mod includes features like teleportation and marking waypoints on the map, a minimap, a noclip option, flying, and visible health bars for the mob.

Game speed settings, a bar for slowing down, speeding up, or stopping time, a button to restore hunger, and even a button to teleport players into the nether or end have also been included in the mod.

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