How to download the volcano blocks mod in Minecraft

Players are able to download mods such as volcano block that can greatly change their gameplay (Image via ChosenArchitect/YouTube)
Players are able to download mods such as volcano block that can greatly change their gameplay (Image via ChosenArchitect/YouTube)

Minecraft players love to challenge themselves in numerous ways. Sometimes, players can choose to play the game under certain constraints or by using certain blocks to achieve a win condition.

This can also be achieved with mods, such as the volcano blocks mod. This mod is a type of Skyblock mod where the player starts off stranded in a sea of lava and needs to survive and adapt to succeed.

How players can download the volcano blocks mod in Minecraft


Players who are looking to have a completely different experience than regular vanilla Minecraft should look no further than installing mods. Mods can do almost anything to alter a player's world. Whether it is changing the way that characters look and behave, to changing the weather, or even the type of blocks a player can find, mods can do it all. The volcano blocks mod can really liven things up for players who want an additional challenge.

How players can install the volcano block mod


The first thing that players must do is download the mod from a reputable site such as CurseForge. Players should follow these steps to install the mod once they have finished downloading the files they want to apply to their game:

  • Once downloaded, players will need to find the file on their computer and paste it inside of the /mods/ folder inside the Minecraft program directory.
  • Start the Minecraft Launcher and run the game.
  • If done properly, players will be able to see the mod appear immediately in the game.

If players are having difficulty downloading and installing the mods, they can install Minecraft Forge, which will help them install the mods directly where they need to be and can help players speed up the process of applying mods. Players can download Minecraft Forge here.

What does volcano block do for a player's world?

When players spawn into the world in the volcano block mod, they will be on a tiny grass island surrounded by a large sea of lava in every direction. Once there, players will receive a wooden knife and a quest book.

Players must then use the quest book and follow through with the quest to survive. The first thing they will be tasked with doing is using the knife to carve their own body to generate the first amount of bone meal they need.

Once players have begun their rather strange quest on the island surrounded by lava, they will progress through different trees in their quest book. Players must simply follow the instructions and avoid being swallowed by the lava in order to emerge victorious.

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