How to experience Deep Dark caves in Minecraft Beta and Preview

Deep Dark is officially available (Image via Mojang)
Deep Dark is officially available (Image via Mojang)

The latest Beta and Preview for Minecraft Bedrock Edition was just released. Version is now available for players. The Deep Dark biome is now officially making its debut!

The frightening biome was slated to arrive in 1.17 before being pushed back. It is now scheduled for full release in the 1.19 The Wild Update.

For players interested in venturing into the Deep Dark before 1.19 is made available to the public, here's how to do so.

How to visit the Deep Dark in new Minecraft Beta and Preview

Chest in boat, allay and the Deep Dark biome, are all in this week’s Beta and Preview. Fortunately for the fearful, the warden is yet to make its booming-beta debut – so be as noisy as you’d like in the dark!Find out more and give us your feedback:🌐

Depending on the platform, here are the steps to follow for getting on the Beta or the Preview. In this case, it's Windows:

  1. Search for Xbox Insider Hub on the Windows store on the computer.
  2. Install the app or open it.
  3. Click Join on the newly opened Minecraft Beta.
  4. Read all terms and conditions before confirming.
  5. Click to Join.
  6. Open up and play with the new Beta.

Xbox users can do the same on the same app, and Android users can find it on the Google Play Store page for Minecraft.

Deep Dark biome (Image via Mojang)
Deep Dark biome (Image via Mojang)

For the Preview, iOS users need to visit this website. Supported Windows platforms can visit this website. Certain Xbox users can get the Preview on the same app mentioned above.

When players get into the Beta and Preview, the Deep Dark won't be immediately found. Since it's a biome, it can't be located with a command, either. Gamers will need to venture out and explore the underworld to find it.

It will be marked by the appearance of Sculk blocks but will not have the Warden. The Warden is scheduled for an upcoming Beta but isn't available yet.

It is indeed Wednesday, and today we have a Beta/Preview update rolling out, including:• Deep Dark Biome• Boats in Chests!• Allay bug fixes.. and more!Check out the changelog at…

Mojang had this to say about the latest version:

"Hey! Who turned off the light? And the sound? It’s very dark and very, very quiet in here. Uh-oh. That must mean…no. Already? Well, judging by the glowing sculk blocks around me, the Deep Dark biome has made it into this week’s Beta!"

Mojang added:

"Come on down if you dare, there are sculk blocks to study and stealthy sneaking to be snuck. You don’t have to be super careful this time around, since you will truly be alone down here. But prepare yourself, a warden will arrive eventually."

For more information, players can visit the official Mojang site.

For detailed guides, walkthroughs, tips & more, check out SK Minecraft Wiki

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