How to find Minecraft bastion remnant

Bastion remnant in Minecraft
Ways to get the bastion remnant in Minecraft (Image via Mojang Studios)

Bastion remnants are always beneficial when Minecraft gamers can locate them. Bastions can provide Minecraft gamers with powerful items, rare loot, and plenty of gold. That is, however, if they are willing to go up against the dangerous piglin brutes guarding the structure.

Image via Mojang Studios
Image via Mojang Studios

Navigating through the nether realm can be a difficult task, so it’s not always easy to find a bastion remnant. Here are some tips to help gamers in search of a bastion remnant in Minecraft.

Where to find bastion remnants in Minecraft


Image via Mojang Studios
Image via Mojang Studios

Bastion remnant structures can be found in any nether biome except for basalt deltas. However, if a basalt deltas biome is right next to another one, there is a chance that some of a bastion may bleed into the basalt area.

Regardless, players might be better off looking into the four other nether biomes when in search of a bastion.

The safest bet is within the original nether waste biomes, as that is where the majority of bastions tend to generate.

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Image via Mojang Studios || Minecraft Wiki
Image via Mojang Studios || Minecraft Wiki

When the nether realm generates, structures are spawned on a grid-like system. In any given direction from a nether spawn, there could be either a bastion remnant or nether fortress around within a 400-500 block radius.

While these generation rules vary between Java and Bedrock editions, the differences are slight, so this guide can help either kind of Minecraft player.

This generation rule also means that if a player locates a nether fortress before a bastion remnant, they should search in the opposite direction.

Because of the nether generation rules, there should never be a bastion next to a fortress. Gamers can use the above grid as a guide to help navigate through the nether based on their world seed’s structure generation.

While most players enter the nether to search for a fortress, those in search of bastion remnants are in luck. There is over a 60 percent chance that a bastion will generate instead of a nether fortress while the nether realm is being created.

What to look for

Image via Mojang Studios
Image via Mojang Studios

Bastion remnants are unique structures because they can look in a number of different ways. Some are larger than others, and some have different features, like rooms or bridges, that other bastions are missing.

What remains the same throughout the bastion generation, however, is the main block they’re made out of.

Players can confuse bastions with fortresses from afar because of their block texture. However, bastions are always made of blackstone.

So, a large, dark structure in the distance is more likely a bastion than a fortress. Using a spyglass might help players identify the difference from a distance away.

Bastions are always guarded by a plethora of piglins. Plus, bastion remnants have their own mob that can only be found within the structures called piglin brutes. Players who can spot a large swarm of piglins may be in close proximity to a bastion.

Regardless of what structure a player is looking for, the most important tip is to look in wide-open terrain. It is much easier to spot important structures, such as bastion remnants, when avoiding more enclosed areas.

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