How to find Minecraft End Ships in 2022

End Ships in Minecraft
Finding End Ships in Minecraft is not a simple task to perform (Image via Sportskeeda)

End Ships in Minecraft are structures composed entirely out of purpur blocks and endstone bricks, with obsidian floors. They are also some of the most coveted structures that are extremely difficult to find.

Players must be fully prepared with a bunch of items in their inventory that can help them survive the netherworld and creatures found in the End that can hinder their quest to find the End Ship.


There are various obstacles that fall in the way between the players and the End Ship, one of which is defeating the Endermen and the mighty Ender Dragon. If one is fully prepared for treacherous encounters and the wrath of the nethers, then they are ready to find the End ship.

Preparations to make for finding an End Ship in Minecraft


To find the End ship, a Minecraft player should be well equipped with enchanted armor and weapons. They must be prepared for various situations that can arise in the Nether.

The first quest itself is a major obstacle in their Minecraft journey to reach the End Ship. And it comes in the form of a deadly Ender Dragon that they must defeat. To achieve this feat, players must bring along the following items:

  • Full diamond armor (enchanted preferred)
  • Potion of Slow Falling (for Ender Dragon wing attack)
  • Enchanted diamond sword
  • Enchanted bow
  • Multiple stacks of arrows (or infinity enchanted bow)
  • Multiple stacks of blocks (to destroy End Crystals and island-hop)
  • Food

If players bring most of the items listed above, defeating the Ender Dragon will be an easy task. However, this step is just the beginning of the difficulties that lie in the long journey.


After defeating the Ender Dragon, players will need to enter the floating portal, also known as End Gateway. Before entering it, players are advised to bring multiple stacks of Ender Pearls to allow for efficient island-hopping.

To get the Ender Pearls, they must defeat the Endermen that drop them while roaming around in the Nether. They can also be used to make the Eye of Ender that can help navigate the dimension in Minecraft.

Searching for the End Ship in Minecraft


Now that players have entered the End Gateway, they will be ready to search for the End Ship. However, it's recommended that they use their stacks of blocks to build a bridge from island to island and only throw Ender Pearls when there is no risk of falling into the void.

They are required to move across the dimension when they are not at risk of losing all their items from failed Ender Pearls throws. The ships will only spawn in cities, which are quite rare themselves in Minecraft.

Moreover, these cities in Minecraft usually spawn on large islands and have bright purple towers. In detail, each direction of the square End City tower has a 50% chance of generating a bridge. These bridges have a 12.5% chance of generating an End Ship which is relatively much tougher than it looks like.


However, players may have to discover multiple End Cities before they can find one with an End Ship. This long and tedious process will be worth it as the loot present in it is some of the best in the game.

Minecraft players who find the End Ship will get the best item in the game, called Elytra, which has a guaranteed spawn to whoever finds the structure. These are rare wings that are the only source of flight in Survival mode and can prove to be extremely beneficial in the game.

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