How to find shipwrecks in Minecraft

Interesting spawn (Image via Minecraft)
Interesting spawn (Image via Minecraft)

Shipwrecks provide a fun way for Minecraft players to search for high quality loot. These ships are scattered around the shores of the overworld, and come in many shapes and sizes. Players who want to get a head start on their playthrough are highly recommended to search for shipwrecks as they are quite common.

Shipwrecks provide loot from carrots to diamonds, which can seriously help a player progress through their world faster. As seen in the image above, shipwrecks will rarely spawn above ground, often providing interesting and humourous effects. Minecraft players will have to use their imagination to figure out how that ship managed to get stuck on the mountain.

How to locate shipwrecks in Minecraft

Locating a shipwreck

Another rare spawn (Image via Minecraft)
Another rare spawn (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft players can try a few different techniques when searching for shipwrecks. However, since all shipwrecks will be found next to ocean biomes, it is recommended to build a boat for fast aquatic travel.

The first technique is for players who aren't able to use potions to assist them in their search for shipwrecks. Shipwrecks are commonly found along the border between the ocean and land, thus, players can ride their boat along the shore until they come across a shipwreck. Due to how common these naturally generated structures are, it should not take very long for Minecraft players with sharp eyes to locate one. However, this technique is not the most efficient.

By far, the best way to locate Minecraft shipwrecks is to utilize potions of nightvision. These potions will give the player a fantastic view of the ocean floor, which will significantly increase the number of shipwrecks the player can see. The oceans of Minecraft are dark, and players will often float right above a deep-sea shipwreck without even noticing it. To make the most out of these potions, players are advised to search far from the shore, which will allow them to cover more land.

It is not uncommon for players to find a shipwreck every 5-10 minutes when using the potion of nightvision technique. Using these potions will definitely be worth the hassle due to the fact that players have the chance to find diamonds, emeralds, TNT and much more in these fascinating structures.


The YouTube video above provides a wonderful visual demonstration of how to find shipwrecks in both the Java and Bedrock edition of Minecraft.

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