How to find slime chunks in Minecraft

A slime chunk (Image via Minecraft)
A slime chunk (Image via Minecraft)
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Slime balls are one of the most used items by redstone engineers in Minecraft. Using slime balls, players can make pistons and slime blocks. These blocks are essential to many redstone contraptions, like hopper clocks, TNT dupers, TNT launchers, etc.

Slimes are the primary source of slime balls in Minecraft. Players can get a maximum of five slime balls by killing this mob.

Slimes are one of the few mobs with specific spawning conditions. These bouncy mobs can spawn in swamp biomes on the surface when the light level is below 7.

However, waiting for them to spawn in swamp biomes can be slow and inefficient. With that in mind, the best way to farm slimes is by using slime chunks in Minecraft.

Slime chunks in Minecraft: How to find, spawn locations and more

Here is how players can find slime chunks in Minecraft quite easily:


Slime chunks are special as they provide a high chance of spawning slime. However, not every chunk is a slime chunk. In Minecraft Java Edition, slime chunks are generated pseudo-randomly and are different for every seed.

However, these chunks have the exact same coordinates across all seeds in Bedrock Edition.

Finding slime chunks in the game

Marking slime chunk (Image via Minecraft)
Marking slime chunk (Image via Minecraft)

In slime chunks, slimes can spawn below Y level 40 even if the light level is higher than 7. To find slime chunks, players have to dig deep down to Y level 30 and mine out a 4-block tall area. They can use F3+G to see the chunk borders in Java Edition.

They can use beacons with haste effect and pickaxes enchanted with Efficiency to quickly mine out stone blocks. After mining out the area, they will have to mark out chunk borders using fences.


After marking chunk borders, light the whole area using torches or any other light block. Move 24 blocks away from the mined-out area and return to see which chunks have slime spawned inside them. Due to fences, they will stay inside those chunks.

Chunks with slime are called "slime chunks." Players can use these chunks to build slime farms. However, finding slime chunks this way can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Using tool to find slime chunks in the game


Players can use a tool called Chunkbase to find slime chunks in Minecraft. Click here to go to the Slime Finder tool. After opening the site, enter the world seed and select the Minecraft version.

Minecraft Java Edition players can enter "/seed" in chat to get the world seed. For Bedrock Edition, players can do the same by going to options. Using this tool, they won't have to spend hours to manually find slime chunks.

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