How to get bamboo wood set in Minecraft 1.19.3 snapshot 22w42a

Minecraft's latest 1.20 snapshot allows players to construct bamboo blocks of many different kinds (Image via Mojang)

Since revealing Minecraft 1.20 last week, Mojang has provided players with their first hands-on experience of the content in Java snapshot 22w42a. Using the new toggles, players can access upcoming features expected to be fully released in 2023's major content update.


With this new snapshot, Minecraft fans will finally have the opportunity to work with bamboo wood blocks and many other aspects of update 1.20 when the "experimental features" toggle is activated.

Some gamers may be curious as to how they can obtain the full set of bamboo-based items for future use. Fortunately, bamboo works very similarly to previous forms of wood in the game.

How to craft bamboo wood set in Minecraft snapshot 22w42a

Various bamboo blocks alongside other features will be seen in Minecraft 1.20 (Image via u/_FlyingDragon_/Reddit)
Various bamboo blocks alongside other features will be seen in Minecraft 1.20 (Image via u/_FlyingDragon_/Reddit)

If players have crafted wooden blocks and made decorations before in Minecraft, then they should have next to no trouble creating the bamboo block set. However, bamboo possesses the unique mosaic block, which can also be easily crafted without much effort or too many resources. Now, it's time to look at the requirements for constructing each new part of the wood block set.

Crafting recipes for bamboo block set in Minecraft 22w42a

  • Mosaic - 1x2 bamboo slabs stacked vertically.
  • Button - One bamboo plank block in the top-left of the crafting grid.
  • Door - Six bamboo plank blocks placed in a 2x3 vertical stack.
  • Fence - Two 1x2 bamboo plank stacks placed vertically with a vertical 1x2 stack of sticks between them.
  • Fence Gate - This one follows almost the same formula as the fence; however, here, the bamboo planks are stacked in the center, and the sticks are placed on the outside of them.
  • Planks - Four pieces of bamboo placed in a square shape, 2x2.
  • Pressure Plate - Two bamboo planks placed next to each other in a 2x1 row.
  • Sign - Six bamboo planks in a 3x2 row, with one stick in the bottom center of the crafting grid.
  • Slab - Three bamboo blocks placed across the center of the crafting grid in a 3x1 row.
  • Stairs - Six bamboo blocks organized in a stair shape, with a 1x3 column, a 1x2 column, and a 1x1 column in descending order.
  • Trapdoor - Six total bamboo plank blocks placed in 3x2 rows on the crafting grid.

This new slew of Minecraft blocks should provide players with plenty of new ideas for building and decorating. Fortunately, bamboo is also a fairly easy material to collect if you're near a bamboo forest jungle biome. Moreover, it can even be grown in a familiar method to sugarcane. Bamboo also provides an excellent alternative to jungle wood for players who wish for a certain variety when building and crafting within certain jungle biomes.

It's also important to note that bamboo mosaic blocks, in particular, can be further crafted in Minecraft. Specifically, fans can create bamboo mosaic slabs and stairs like they can with standard bamboo wood planks. However, these have a different pattern that can be quite pleasing to the eye.

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