How to get every type of villager in Minecraft

Villagers going about their day (Image via Minecraft)
Villagers going about their day (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft, villagers are passive mobs that live in villages. Each villager has a different profession. Villagers breed and interact with each other and the players. Their outfit varies according to their occupation and biome. Villagers can be traded with, using emeralds as currency.

Trading with villagers is one of the fastest ways to gain valuable items in Minecraft. Many YouTubers and streamers use trading to gain valuable items like Ender pearls, food, and more emeralds quickly in speedruns or on the go.


Villagers in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Players can trade with Villagers to obtain high-tier equipment like enchanted gear, ammo, and ender pearls to progress. Villagers have 15 different types of professions in Minecraft, and can be found working near their respective job site blocks.

1) Farmer (wears a straw hat)

Job site block: Composter

Trades crops and natural foods, such as bread and cookies.

2) Fisherman (wears a fisher hat)

Job site block: Barrel

Trades campfires and fishing items.

3) Shepherd (wears a brown hat with white apron)

Job site block: Loom

Trades shears, wool, dyes, paintings and beds.

4) Fletcher (wears a hat with feathers and quiver on the back)

Job site block: Fletching Table

Trades bows, crossbows, all types of arrows (except luck) and archery ingredients.

5) Cleric (wears a purple apron and creeper cloak)

Job site block: Brewing Stand

Trades magic items like ender pearls, redstone dust, glowstone dust, and other enchanting or potion ingredients.

6) Weaponsmith (wears an eyepatch and black apron)

Job site block: Grindstone

Trades minerals, bells and enchanted melee weapons. The enchantments are weapon-related, such as sharpness or smite.

7) Armorer (wears a welding mask)

Job site block: Blast Furnace

Trades foundry items and sells chain, iron and enchanted diamond armor tiers.

8) Toolsmith (wears a black apron)

Job site block: Smithing Table

Trades minerals, bells and harvest tools. Enchantments are tool-related.


9) Librarian (wears eyeglasses and a book as a hat)

Job site block: Lectern

Trades enchanted books, clocks, compasses, name tags, glass, ink sacs, lanterns, and book and quills.

10) Cartographer (wears a golden monocle)

Job Site Block: Cartography Table

Trades banners, compasses, banner patterns, papers and various maps, including explorer maps.

11) Leatherworker (wears a brown apron and brown gloves)

Job site block: Cauldron

Trades scutes, rabbit hides, and leather-related items.

12) Butcher (wears a red headband and white apron)

Job site block: Smoker

Trades meats, sweet berries, rabbit stew, and dried kelp blocks.

13) Mason‌ (wears a black apron and black gloves)

Job site block: Stonecutter

Trades polished stones, terracotta, clay, glazed terracotta, and quartz.

14) Nitwit (wears a green-coated, no badge)

Job site block: None

No trades

15) Unemployed Villagers

These Minecraft villagers have no specific overlay, and wear the base outfit of their biome without any extra features. They cannot be traded with, until employed.

Players can change the professions of Villagers in Minecraft by removing and replacing their job site blocks with the one that they prefer. Villagers are efficient NPCs and can help players progress in their Minecraft journey.

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