How to make a cottage in Minecraft

Cottages can be both modest or opulent (Image via Planet Minecraft user Beeswithmoss)
Cottages can be both modest or opulent (Image via Planet Minecraft user Beeswithmoss)

A cottage is the perfect build for a hideaway in the hills of Minecraft. The structure tends to be small but well-detailed and accommodating for players.

With different designs and inspirations, cottages can range from having a fantasy motif to being modern or conventional.


Minecraft players have a lot of leeway when building a cottage, and the utility of the structure means players can place them in just about any Overworld biome.

Cottages fit excellently in plains, forests, and even snowy and mountain biomes. However, after finding a site for their structure, players will want to know the basics of cottage building.

Steps to building a basic cottage in Minecraft

A simple cottage design complete with foliage (Image via Instructables user CFMinecrafter)
A simple cottage design complete with foliage (Image via Instructables user CFMinecrafter)

When designing a basic cottage in Minecraft, players will need a handful of materials. This includes wood blocks of their choice and some wood blocks in the form of stair blocks. Glass panes tend to be a good pickup, as small cottages usually have a large number of windows wrapped around them.

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Players will also want to accrue any decorations for the interior, including furniture like beds, chests, and crafting stations.

Below, Minecraft players can find steps they can follow to create a basic cottage in the game:


Step 1: Much like creating a house, building a cottage begins with creating a floor plan. Create the outer walls of your cottage and build rooms on the inside that can be filled and decorated later.

For most cottage designs, players will want to use some form of wood for the walls, such as planks, logs, or stripped blocks. The choice is completely up to the player based on what design they prefer.

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Step 2: Fill in the floors for each room sectioned off by the walls. Standard cottage designs tend to use wood and cobblestone in sizable quantities, though utilizing blocks like wool and carpet also work well for decorative flair.

Step 3: If players wish to have a fireplace in their cottage, they'll want to build it before completing the rest of the structure. These are typically made of brick or cobblestone, but any non-flammable block will do.

Players can then use blocks like campfires or lit Netherrack to create the burning flame within the fireplace. Be sure to also create the chimney, as the roof and other portions of the cottage will need to be built around it.

Step 4: Players can now begin building their walls up to their desired height. Block variety pays here, as using a mix of wood and other blocks can create aesthetically pleasing walls.

Step 5: Once the walls are at their ideal height, players can begin to form the roof. Usually, this involves making a flat roof to connect the walls before using stair blocks to create the "sloping" appearance of a triangular roof. Be careful to leave room for the chimney. This could potentially throw off the roof's shape if Minecraft players aren't careful.

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Step 6: With the roof complete, players can begin to decorate the interior. They can break away wall blocks to add window panes where appropriate (if openings weren't left for them). Adding small amenities like tables, beds, and potted plants brings the appearance of a cottage together in a big way.

Step 7: For a final touch, players may opt to create outside planter boxes or plant flowers and trees around their cottage. This can make the cottage stand out amongst the scenery, especially in the more barren Minecraft biomes like tundras or mountains.

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