How to make a Firework Rocket in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft
Modified 22 Nov 2020

A firework rocket is a fun item in Minecraft that can be used to create a dazzling explosion, empower the propulsion of elytra, or be used as ammunition for a crossbow.

Many celebrations throughout the world are capped off with a display of fireworks illuminating the sky. They are loud, beautiful, captivating, and overall stunning to witness.

Typically, fireworks can be rather expensive to purchase and have an element of danger to them. As an alternative, Minecraft players can craft their own fireworks and decorate the sky of their worlds with a dazzling display. This is much more accessible and can serve as a fun addition to all Minecraft worlds.

This article will be serving as a how-to guide for Minecraft pyrotechnics and fireworks enthusiasts.

How to obtain all the materials to craft a Firework Rocket in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Firework rockets in Minecraft can create explosions of numerous, size, color, and effects. The first step that for any aspiring pyrotechnician is to gather all of the necessary materials.

Luckily, the basic materials are rather simple to come across. A simple firework rocket only needs paper, any color of dye, and gunpoweder in order to be crafted.

Paper is going to be the easiest crafting component to come across, because it can be crafted with just three pieces of sugar cane.

For convivence, this article outlines exactly how to locate and grow sugar cane step-by-step for Minecraft players. To keep it short, sugar cane is located near water in any Minecraft Overworld biome.

Gunpowder can be found by slaying creepers, ghasts, and witches. Creepers are most likely the easiest to find and kill for most players, so that would be most recommended course of action.

Advanced players can consider creating an automatic hostile mob farm, to ensure there is always a fresh supply of gunpowder ready.

Dyes can be found in a variety of ways, so here is a complete how-to guide for obtaining every single color of dye in the game.

How to make a Firework Rocket in Minecraft

Once a Minecraft player has obtained all of the necessary materials, they can begin assembling their very own firework rockets at a crafting table.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The first step is creating a Firework Star by combining any color of dye and a piece of gunpowder. This what will add color to the explosion effect of the firework rocket.

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

The last step is combining a piece of paper, the firework star crafted previously. Presto! That is how a player can craft their very own firework rocket in Minecraft. Right click with the rocket on the ground, and it will shoot up into the sky and explode with the color used to craft it.

Fun Fact: There are 2.1 trillion different variations of firework rockets, all with their own colors, explosion sizes, and effects. The YouTube video contained in this article by Mathew Kande talks through some of the different customization options.

Published 22 Nov 2020
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