How to make a piston door in Minecraft's 1.19 update

A 3x3 piston door in Minecraft (Image via DatOneGuy/Minecraft Amino)
A 3x3 piston door in Minecraft (Image via DatOneGuy/Minecraft Amino)

In Minecraft, piston doors are redstone-operated machines that allow players to create, open, and close doorways at their leisure.


Minecraft players who aren't keen on using traditional doors can make a quick piston door fairly easy with only a small amount of redstone (or even none at all). These doors vary in complexity, but creating a simple one should be a straightforward undertaking.

A piston door makes an excellent entrance (or even secret entrance) inside players' homes or bases. Whatever the reasoning, players can find a short guide to creating a simple piston door below with only a few resources and steps.

Step-by-step method to creating a 2x2 piston door in Minecraft

The standard premise of a 2x2 piston door (Image via Mojang)
The standard premise of a 2x2 piston door (Image via Mojang)

Creating a piston door of the 2x2 variety should only take a few materials. Specifically, players will need 12 sticky pistons, four building blocks, two repeaters, and one lever. However, players can also utilize pressure plates or buttons in the build if they'd like. Regardless, pistons and building blocks are essential for the build, no matter how they choose to activate them.

Building a 2x2 Piston Door in Minecraft 1.19

  1. Lay down the pistons to begin. These pistons should be placed in a reverse "L" shape. Six pistons should be put together on each side. The side of the L shape should be facing horizontally, while the top of the shape should be pointing vertically. These two separated L shapes should also be two blocks apart from each other.
  2. Place two building blocks in a 1x2 formation inside the range of the piston blocks for each construct.
  3. As an optional step, build a frame around the pistons, including a small roof. This will house the repeaters if need be.
  4. Place a lone block near the "entrance," facilitating the opening mechanism.
  5. Place redstone dust on the block placed in Step 4, lead it behind the piston door and lead the trail up to the top of the frame where the repeaters will be located.
  6. Place the repeaters at the top of the frame. These two repeaters should be placed facing outward from each other and set to a three-tick delay. Visually, a repeater is set to a three-tick delay after it is used twice via a right-click or the "use" button on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
  7. Once the redstone is connected between the repeaters and the block placed in Step 4, place a lever on the same block. If performed correctly, a flip of the lever should open and close the piston door.

That's all there is to it. Players can simply interact with the lever to open and close the door. As previously stated, players can swap their lever for a pressure plate if they'd like to walk up to the piston door and open it when an entity gets close enough. However, players will likely want to use a heavy pressure plate to keep out hostile mobs or smaller entities.

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