How to play Minecraft Classic for free on your browser

Play Classic (Image via Minecraft)
Play Classic (Image via Minecraft)

The Classic was the second phase release of Minecraft. The first version of the Classic came out on May 16, 2009. It has been almost twelve years since the release, and Minecraft Classic is still publicly available.

Minecraft Classic was released after the pre-classic era. During that, Markus “Notch” Persson was the only person working on this game. He publicly released the Classic variant to let every interested gamer try it and provide their feedback.

Notch implemented the feedback in Minecraft Classic and took it to the indev stage. However, Classic is still available for free. Players can play it on their browser and live the old days of Minecraft.

How to play Minecraft Classic on a browser?

Start a new world (Image via Minecraft)
Start a new world (Image via Minecraft)

Interested players can experience the Minecraft Classic without buying the game right from their web browsers. Here are the steps to play the Classic version for free online:

  1. Open any browser on PC. To play Minecraft Classic, players will need a device with a keyboard.
  2. Go to the following address:
  3. Let the game load. It may take time, depending on the device.
  4. After the world generates, enter a username and click on "Start" to enter the game.

Players can also have their friends join the world. During the Classic era, Notch was successfully able to implement multiplayer servers in Minecraft. Ten people can play in a Classic world at the same time.

In the start screen, players can copy the link to their world. Other players can join the world by pasting the link into their browser.



Minecraft Classic is almost twelve years old. The game doesn't have controls as it does now and has basic controls like the traditional WASD keys for players.

Players can break blocks with the left mouse click button and toggle between pressing blocks and breaking them using the right mouse click button. There aren't any other options like crouching, auto jump, etc.


Old world generation (Image via Minecraft)
Old world generation (Image via Minecraft)

In Minecraft Classic online, the game mode is always set to creative mode. But there aren't many blocks to play within this version. Each player gets nine items in their inventory: stone, dirt, plank, bedrock, sand, gravel, log, leaves, and mushroom.

Players do not have an extensive inventory for this version. The nine given items are the only items available in Minecraft Classic. Players can see small chunks of plain lands covered with trees and surrounded by water.

Players who haven't played the version in its early development stages can try Minecraft Classic. By playing Classic, players can understand how far Minecraft has come since its public release.

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