How to protect village from raids in Minecraft

A village under a raid (Image via Mojang)
A village under a raid (Image via Mojang)

Villagers are essential to the gameplay of Minecraft, as they offer the player various goods and services that are critical to the game's progression. Encountering Minecraft villagers is common as villages are scattered throughout the Overworld, which is the primary game world. The game allows players to turn villagers into traders, and this feature makes them one of the most valuable passive mobs in the game. They can trade valuable emeralds for essential resources like food, tools, and weapons.

However, keeping valuable traders safe becomes the player's responsibility, as illager raids may occur if the player isn't careful.

Tips on protecting villages during raids in Minecraft


A raid is an in-game event where various hostile mobs attack a village. Most of these mobs are illagers who can deal significant damage with each blow they land.

During a raid, mobs are spawned in waves, and the total number of waves depends on the Minecraft world's game difficulty. Four waves of mobs are spawned in easy difficulty, six in normal, and eight in hard.

How is a raid triggered?


A raid is triggered when a player with a harmful omen effect enters a village. This status effect is inflicted when a player or a tamed wolf kills an illager captain.

Players can encounter an illager captain close to an outpost or in a passing illager patrol. Removing this effect is relatively easy, as players can remove it by simply drinking milk.

Tips on trouncing illagers during a raid

Valuable items (Image via Mojang)
Valuable items (Image via Mojang)

Here are a few life-saving tips for players who have accidentally triggered a raid:

  • Set a nearby spawn point: There is a good chance that most beginners and intermediate Minecrafters will die at least once trying to protect the village. Therefore, it is always best practice to have a close spawn point.
  • Carry a few boats: Boats can trap mobs such as vindicators that use close-range attacks. Once trapped, they can be killed using a bow or ignored until the player deals with other pesky raid mobs.
  • Carry a diamond or better axe with enchantments: Axes are the best close-ranged weapons that can one-shot a pillager if enchanted with Sharpness.
  • Always have a shield: Having a shield on the off-hand will save the player's life a bunch of times. It can defend against most attacks and is crucial when fighting ravagers.
  • Make use of totems of undying: Upon defeating evokers in a raid, totems of undying are dropped. Players should try to pick them up and use them when their health drops too low.

Following these easy tips, players should have a much easier time defending their village against illager raids.