How to tame axolotls in new Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

Steve and axolotls (Image via Wallpapers Cave)
Steve and axolotls (Image via Wallpapers Cave)

After months of waiting, Mojang has finally released the first part of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs. One of the fan-favorite stars of this update is none other than the cute axolotls.

Mojang announced axolotls at the Minecon 2020 live event. Developers at Mojang have always tried to raise awareness regarding endangered species such as polar bears, giant pandas, sea turtles, and bees. For this year, Mojang decided to add axolotls to Minecraft.

Axolotls are inspired by critically endangered salamanders native to Mexico. Mojang has maintained their cuteness in Minecraft and kept them pretty small. This article informs players about the new axolotls and how to tame and breed them.

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Axolotls in new Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update

Where to find axolotls?

A group of cute axolotls (Image via Minecraft)
A group of cute axolotls (Image via Minecraft)

Axolotls are the first amphibian mobs in Minecraft. As expected, players can find them in water bodies, but they have a specific spawning condition. Axolotls will spawn in dark water bodies below Y level 63. Players can find them in water pools inside caves or waterlogged caves in oceans.

How to tame axolotls?

Unlike other pets like wolves and cats, axolotls can't be tamed. However, players can lead them to attack other aquatic mobs, like guardians and drowneds. Players can use attach leads to axolotls or use a bucket of tropical fishes to attract them.

Please remember axolotls can despawn like hostile mobs. To prevent axolotls from despawning, pick them up in a bucket and then release them. Axolotls don't despawn if they are spawned from a bucket.

How to breed axolotls?


Baby axolotls are one of the cutest mobs in Minecraft, just like their adult versions. There are a lot of 1.17 players right now who are busy trying to collect lots of axolotls. Some players may not know that axolotls can be bred as well.

Two axolotls will go into love mode and produce babies when they're fed buckets of tropical fish or just tropical fish. Players can find tropical fish in lukewarm and warm ocean biomes in Minecraft. With lots of tropical fish, players can make an army of axolotls and raid the ocean monument.

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