How to use the fire protection enchantment in Minecraft

Fire protection enchantment (Image via Minecraft)
Fire protection enchantment (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft has loads of enchantments that can help players in various situations, including fire protection. Out of all the natural disasters that can harm players in the game, burning to death is one of the most likely. This is especially true when players traverse places that are full of lava as they can accidentally touch the hot liquid and take damage.

Enchanting is an extensive system in the game that is highly useful for players. There are various types that help players in different situations. From breathing underwater to preventing burning, there is a power-up for nearly everything. Fire protection is really useful as it can literally save players from certain death.

Fire protection enchantment in Minecraft: Usage, compatibility, levels, and more


How to get fire protection

First, players must get the enchantment to use it. There are several ways to get these power-ups in the game. They can either be found on the enchanting table or through an enchanted book.

This can only be applied to armor items such as helmets, turtle shells, chest plates, pants, and boots.

Players can apply it with an enchanted book and anvil (Image via Minecraft)
Players can apply it with an enchanted book and anvil (Image via Minecraft)

The other way is to find a particular librarian that trades it. Players can change the librarian's trade by breaking and placing the designated lectern. Once players find a librarian with the specific trade, players can lock them once they trade with them.

How to use it

Fire protection essentially reduces the damage taken by the player if they are on fire. Once players find the fire protection, they can apply it to any armor part they want. If players do burn from anything after applying it, they will take less damage from fire.

Players can also apply it to multiple armor parts to double the effect. It should be noted that this will not completely prevent players from taking any damage and will only reduce damage to a certain degree.

Different levels

Different levels (Image via Minecraft)
Different levels (Image via Minecraft)

The enchantment has four different levels of strength. The first level increases the protection by fire by 8%. Every next level after the first one also increases the protection by 8%. At maximum, it can reduce the damage by 32%. If players apply the maxed-out enchantment on all the armor parts, it can reduce up to 80% of the damage.

Incompatibility with others

It is incompatible with blast protection (Image via Minecraft)
It is incompatible with blast protection (Image via Minecraft)

As good as this enchantment is, it has some limitations. This is an exclusive enchantment that cannot be combined with protection, blast protection, and projectile protection. Hence, if players want to make a strong armor, they would have to choose one of these four power-ups.

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