How to setup Minecraft enchanting table for best enchantments

Enchanting Table in Minecraft (Image via RockPaperScissors)
Enchanting Table in Minecraft (Image via RockPaperScissors)
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Minecraft has its own charm to it, literally. The huge open world survival game is not only filled with natural and realistic features but also magic and enchantment.

In Minecraft, players can strengthen their weapons, tools and armor by enchanting them. Weapons can be more lethal, tools more efficient, and armor stronger with these magical enchants. Even books can be enchanted to use them further on items. For enchanting items, players will first have to craft an enchanting table.

Enchanting Table Recipe (Image via
Enchanting Table Recipe (Image via

Once players make the enchanting table, they can place it anywhere they want and begin enchanting their items with Lapis Lazuli, which can be found underground.

But players will soon notice that enchantments have different levels of strength. Hence, in order to increase the strength of enchantments, players will have to build a library around the enchanting table to make it powerful. Also, they will need more XP on themselves to enchant items with more strength.

Set up Minecraft's enchanting table for best enchantments

If players want stronger enchantments from the enchanting table, they will need to place bookshelves all around the enchanting table. But this doesn't mean cramping the table with bookshelves. There needs to be a pattern.


To get the maximum out of the enchanting table, players must place 15 bookshelves around the enchanting table. The important thing to remember is to leave one block space between the enchanting table and then place a bookshelf.

Players need to place three bookshelves horizontally and two bookshelves vertically on each side of the enchanting table. One side can be left empty for players to enter and leave the library. The final setup should look something like this:

Enchanting Table setup (Image via WindowsCentral)
Enchanting Table setup (Image via WindowsCentral)

With this bookshelf setup, players can now get the highest level of enchantment on their tools, weapons, armor and books in Minecraft.

Note: More XP will be needed to enchant stronger items.

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