How to use Minecraft Skin Creator in 2022

Promotional art for Minecraft
Promotional art for Minecraft's Skin Creator function (Image via Mojang)

A Minecraft player's skin is one of the most visible forms of their personality, and there are many ways to create one. Bedrock Edition players have an extensive Dressing Room function that can make things simpler, and it's also possible to use third-party skin editors.

There is no lack of ways to create your own custom skin in Minecraft. With so many options available, it can be tough to find which editor works best for you, but there is always a solution. Some of the most popular skin creators are the most accessible, and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's Dressing Room function is certainly no slouch either. It doesn't hurt to take a look at Mojang's option as well as one of the many third-party applications that are free to use.

Creating a Minecraft skin via the Dressing Room and The Skindex

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's Dressing Room, showcasing equipable clothing articles (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition's Dressing Room, showcasing equipable clothing articles (Image via Mojang)

When it comes to accessibility, Mojang's Dressing Room option in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition may be considered one of the easiest ways to create a custom skin. This is due to the click-and-equip interface built into Bedrock Edition directly from the main menu and even the in-game pause menu. Unfortunately, many clothing and skin options do require Minecoins, which can lead to players having to use real-world currency. Alternatively, skin editors and creators such as those seen on The Skindex may take more time to learn, but they are free from microtransactions.


How to use the Dressing Room in Bedrock Edition:

  1. Open Bedrock Edition and select the Dressing Room button to the right of the main menu button. Be sure to sign in to your Microsoft account beforehand to ensure your skin options are saved. Additionally, the dressing room can be accessed from the in-game pause menu as well.
  2. At the Dressing Room menu, select an existing skin to overwrite with your new skin, or switch over to the skin icon with the + sign on it, which will allow you to create an entirely new skin without changing existing ones. Then select the "Create Character" button.
  3. In the next menu, you can create a character that utilizes the equipable items found in the Minecraft Marketplace or the classic skin option that applies an entire skin to the character model.
  4. In the character creation menu, you can equip cosmetics to your new skin through the "Body" and "Style" tabs. From these two fields, it's possible to change your character's skin, hair, eyes, and outfit. Once you have a skin that suits your tastes, you can simply back out of the Dressing Room menu, which will save the character skin in its current state.

How to use The Skindex's Player Skin Editor (Java only):

  1. Head to The Skindex's main site ( From here, it's possible to select an uploaded skin from the community by clicking on an uploaded character visual and then pressing the "Edit Skin" button.
  2. Alternatively, to create an entirely new character skin, select the "Editor" option at the top of the main page.
  3. Upon reaching The Skindex's editor, you will have access to a detailed color wheel, eraser, auto-tone tool, and much more. After making your desired changes, simply press the "Download" button to receive the customization as an image file.
  4. Head over to and log into your account. There should be a small window on your profile page for Java Edition with a link underneath that reads "Change Skin." Select this link, the size of your character model (classic or slim), and upload the image file you previously downloaded. The skin should automatically update, and you can even add a cape if you'd like.
  5. Open the game and enjoy. The skin change may take a few moments to update if the game was previously open when you changed your player skin.

That's all there is to it. In addition to The Skindex, there are many different ways to create custom character skins for Java Edition. Furthermore, web tools exist for Bedrock Edition that permit gamers to create custom skin packs that can be installed in the game, allowing for custom skins to be accessed in Bedrock platforms without the need to use the Minecraft Marketplace or Minecoins.

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