Hypixel Minecraft Server: lP Address, features, and similar servers revealed

Hypixel is the most popular Minecraft server of all time (Image via Hypixel)
Hypixel is the most popular Minecraft server of all time (Image via Hypixel)
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While there are thousands of Minecraft servers out there, none come close to the sheer popularity of Hypixel. This server has been around for over eight years and is the only Minecraft Java Edition server to break the threshold of 100,000 concurrent players.

With such a massive selection of brilliantly made custom game modes such as Bedwars, Skywars, Murder Mystery, and Skyblock, it's no wonder why Hypixel remains so incredibly adored by the community.

For those looking to join the Hypixel server, this guide will explain the server's IP Address, game modes, features, and even similar servers to check out.

What is the server IP Address for the Hypixel Minecraft server?

The IP Address for the Hypixel Minecraft server is

The server can be added and joined through the multiplayer menu tab, just like any other server out there. However, this written guide should prove useful for those unsure of how to join an MC server.

Alternatively, readers can refer to the helpful video guide below on how to join a server:


What game modes does the Hypixel server have?

Hypixel is well known to have many different game modes on it. The server has around 60 unique games on it at any given time. This is because less popular game modes are constantly being removed and new ones added.

As of right now, the following list of game modes is present on the Hypixel server:

  • Wool Wars
  • Skyblock
  • Hypixel SMP
  • Bed Wars
  • SkyWars
  • Murder Mystery
  • Housing
  • TNT Games
  • Zombies (Arcade Game)
  • Hide and Seek (Arcade Game)
  • Capture the Wool (Arcade Game)
  • Hole in the Wall (Arcade Game)
  • The Blocking Dead (Arcade Game)
  • Farm Hunt (Arcade Game)
  • Creeper Attack (Arcade Game)
  • Party Games (Arcade Game)
  • Hypixel Says (Arcade Game)
  • Pixel Painters (Arcade Game)
  • Football (Arcade Game)
  • Mini Walls (Arcade Game)
  • Bounty Hunters (Arcade Game)
  • Ender Spleef (Arcade Game)
  • Galaxy Wars (Arcade Game)
  • Dragon Wars (Arcade Game)
  • Build Battle
  • UHC Duels (Duels Game)
  • SkyWars Duels (Duels Game)
  • The Bridge (Duels Game)
  • Sumo Duels (Duels Game)
  • OP Duels (Duels Game)
  • Classic Duels (Duels Game)
  • NoDebuff Duels (Duels Game)
  • Biltz Duels (Duels Game)
  • Combo Duels (Duels Game)
  • Bow Duels (Duels Game)
  • TNT Games Duels (Duels Game)
  • Mega Walls Duels (Duels Game)
  • Boxing Duels (Duels Game)
  • Parkour Duels (Duels Game)
  • Prototypes
  • UHC Champions
  • VampireZ (Classic Game)
  • Quakecraft (Classic Game)
  • Paintball Warfare (Classic Game)
  • Arena Brawl (Classic Game)
  • The Walls (Classic Game)
  • Turbo Cart Racers (Classic Game)
  • Cops and Crims
  • Mega Walls
  • The Hypixel Pit
  • Smash Heros
  • Warlords
  • Blitz SG
  • Speed UHC

What are the most popular game modes on the Hypixel server?

The most popular game modes currently on Hypixel are Bed Wars, Skyblock, Skywars, and Duels.

However, Skyblock is by far the most dominant game mode on the network in terms of popularity. It has been known to clock in with over 100,000 players at peak times. For context, this means that if the Hypixel Skyblock game mode was its own individual server, it would still be the most popular Minecraft server in history.

Hypixel Skyblock is the most popular game mode on the server (Image via Hypixel)
Hypixel Skyblock is the most popular game mode on the server (Image via Hypixel)

Although not as popular as it once was in its prime, the Bedwars game mode remains hugely popular among fans. This PvP-based game mode pits players against each other in a race to destroy each other's beds and be the last person or team standing.

What are some similar servers to Hypixel?

1) Purple Prison

IP Address:

Purple Prison is a hugely fun and popular server (Image via Purple Prison)
Purple Prison is a hugely fun and popular server (Image via Purple Prison)

For fans of any of Hypixel Skyblock, Purple Prison might be a fun alternative. While this server does not focus on the Skyblock mode, it is instead based on the classic Minecraft Prison game mode.

Like Hypixel Skyblock, Purple Prison has a fully-fledged and sophisticated player-operated in-game economy where players can buy, sell, and trade rare items to make money. There are also quests, a vast map to explore, and even a friendly Discord community full of 65,000 members to make new friends.

Server Address:

2) Mineplex

IP Address:


For fans of the smaller minigames on Hypixel, such as Murder Mystery, Build Battle, TNT run, etc., Mineplex may be a brilliant choice to check out. This server has a vast range of fun minigames to check out, and players will likely not be disappointed with the gameplay quality.

Mineplex has been around for over a decade, and while it might not be quite as popular as Hypixel, it still boasts thousands of players daily. What's more is that, unlike Hypixel, Mineplex also supports Minecraft Bedrock Edition players. Bedrock Edition players that want to play Mineplex can connect with the IP Address:

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